8 Signs You Need HR Software

Morgane Lança
June 13 2022

Many companies struggle with their day-to-day HR challenges, but how do you know if it’s time for you to invest in software technology?

Are you having trouble evaluating your HR needs? Here are the common signs that you need HR software!

1) Your Managers and HR Department are Overworked

The most obvious issue is the administrative burden on your employees. Are they overwhelmed by repetitive tasks without added value? In this case, it would be relevant to think about automating your processes with HR technology.

When your employees complain about a lack of autonomy and your managers struggle with their administrative tasks, it’s time to invest in human resources software!

– Tania Boucher, Human Resources Strategist at Go RH

The best solution to make your employees’ lives easier is to invest in human resources management software. You will save precious time managing PTO and absences, tracking employee performance, and many other aspects that are essential to your organization!

2) You’re Working With Numerous Excel Files and Paper Documents

When your organization needs 40 different Excel files and an entire room full of paper documents to manage HR… that’s a sign you need HR software!

– Celine Conti, Human Resources Strategist at Go RH

Indeed, the multiplication of documents leads to a loss of information and efficiency. So why spend hours creating an organizational chart in Excel when this feature is automated in an HRIS

By centralizing your data with HR technology, you’ll optimize your processes while making your life much easier!

3) You Lack Visibility and Strategic Efficiency

If you feel a lack of time and resources to work on HR strategy, you probably need to centralize your information in a human resources management software. 

Key Performance Indicators will be handy for making relevant strategic decisions based on reliable reports. They will allow you to obtain data on all strategic aspects of human resources management (retention rate, turnover rate, productivity…), in real-time!

Get a global view of your organizational health using Folks HR’s features!

4) You Have to Enter Information Multiple Times

You have probably already had to enter the same information several times in different software. This is a sign that you need an HR solution that offers a variety of features and numerous integration possibilities!

For some companies, it is often difficult to get all the information: payroll is managed in one software, the punch process is done in another software… All with little or no integration.”

– Mélinda Roy, Strategic Human Resources Consultant at Go RH

A complete HRIS will save you time by avoiding double data entry. 

For example, Folks HR offers integrations with: 

  • Payroll systems; 
  • Time tracking solutions;
  • Group insurance and benefits administration software;
  • LMS (Learning Management System); 
  • Engagement survey platforms.

The future of HR management lies in integrated digital ecosystems!

Integrated systems will be the cornerstone of your digital transformation, ensuring efficiency even remotely. 

5) You Struggle to Keep Track of Your Employees’ Progress

Incomplete team management is a direct consequence of non-centralized HR data. When data is lost or not easily accessible, your employees are often the first impacted!

Indeed, these issues can prevent smooth and compliant operations, especially in the manufacturing sector

Some managers have no idea what training they need to give their team because they’ve lost employee records.

– Celine Conti, HR Strategist at Go HR

Fortunately, HRIS offer career management and training tracking features to solve these problems. In addition, they are great ways to develop an ongoing training strategy that supports your business growth!

6) Human Error Impacts Your Workflows

Mistakes happen, and manual processes increase the risk of errors and oversights: 

Having more than 40 Excel files to manage issues as varied as absenteeism, turnover rate, salary structure, unsuccessful interview candidates, interview follow-up, training needs… it’s a clear sign that you need to centralize your processes on an all-in-one solution!

– Mélinda Roy, Human Resources Consultant at Go RH

Automating your processes with HR software is also an excellent way to avoid errors and ensure compliance easily!

7) Your Onboarding Process Is Ineffective

Are you struggling to motivate your new hires and retain them over the long term? Unfortunately, manual onboarding processes negatively impact employee engagement. For a modern and effective onboarding plan, why not use HR technology? 

With an HRIS, you can : 

By automating your onboarding processes with Folks HR, you will show your employees that they made the right choice by joining your organization! 

8) Your Company Has High Turnover Rates

All of the signs mentioned above are often the factors behind high employee turnover. If you are having trouble retaining employees, ineffective HR processes are likely to blame. 

HR tools will not only allow you to measure employee engagement but also improve motivation by providing: 

  • Flexibility and work-life balance;
  • Autonomy and trust for a healthy work relationship;
  • Transparency in all HR processes;
  • Daily time savings for all the players in your company.

All of these core functions will improve employee experience and increase retention rates. So what are you waiting for to discover the benefits of HR technology on your workflows

If you identify with any of these signs, it is time to invest in HR software! Folks HR offers powerful, flexible and affordable solutions. Discover all the benefits of an HR solution for your business: request your free, personalized demo!

Discover all the benefits of HR software for your organization:

Folks HR simplifies and optimizes all your HR processes!


To evaluate your HR needs, feel free to contact:



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