HR Processes Optimization: How Technology Can Help

Employée devant écran Folks et Voilà!
Catherine Maheux-Rochette
February 3 2021

Time management can sometimes be a real headache for employers. Fortunately, several tools are available to help them simplify employee schedules, absence and vacation management, which, in turn, allows them to optimize this precious—and limited—resource that is time. The best part is that these solutions are adapted to the different realities of companies.

No more Excel files, switch to integrated timesheets

We know all too well the reality of many companies that use Excel files for… practically everything! We know that it is difficult (having experienced it before—yes, yes: at one time, Folks HR was just a big boosted Excel file) and we want things to change, to become easier for these companies. Our project timesheet can be used in different contexts. If you manage, for example, a consulting firm and you need to invoice your clients according to the number of hours worked for each one or if you want to plan projects (analysis of time used per project, anticipation of future needs), Folks’ project timesheet is for you!

You don’t need these details and simply measure the number of hours worked in a day? Our standard timesheet will be perfect for you.

No matter which one you choose, several statistics and integrations, notably with Deluxe Payroll, are also available to simplify HR and payroll management and invoicing.

A little extra

Voilà! timesheets can be approved automatically if they match de facto the original schedule. In a context where timesheets are used for payroll purposes rather than to confirm the presence of an employee, this option is optimal for the manager who wishes to save time. Several standardization rules can also be applied to further facilitate this pre-approval before transferring the information to payroll.

Make sure your employees are in the right place at the right time

If your employees have to punch in at the beginning of their shift, Voilà!’s geolocated punch clock is an excellent option, and even more so in the context of strict health regulations. In fact, by allowing employees to punch in on their cellphones, you avoid having them touch the same screen as their colleagues, which is very relevant today—Public Health advises against sharing items to avoid contamination. The geolocated punch also allows you to ensure that your employees are actually on site, as with a punch station, in addition to avoiding unnecessary travel if, for example, the workplace is very large. It is also possible to clock in for more than one assignment during the same day if the reality of your business requires it. What if an employee forgets to punch? You will be notified automatically!

We think of everything!

You work at a ski resort and you want to make sure your employees are on site, yes, but not on the slopes! For cases like this one, where geolocalization is not an advantage, Voilà! also offers a web punch console, which is a more traditional punch clock. This punch clock can be opened on any computer or tablet with Internet access.

Manage your schedules the smart way

A solution like Voilà! also allows you to automate several processes, including shift assignment. An employee is sick and reports that he or she will be absent? The system fills the missing shifts for you according to predefined criteria and available employees. It is also possible for employees to exchange shifts with each other using the mobile application.

These are just a few examples. With Voilà! the possibilities for optimizing time and schedule management are almost endless.

The easiest way to organize your workforce!

Where things get really interesting for you is when you combine Voilà! and Folks. Our two software packages are fully integrated, which offers many advantages to our joint customers. Let’s take the—rather unfortunate—example of a workplace accident. Your employee is injured and you have to fill out a WSIB form, then you enter it into your HR Folks platform, which allows you to track workplace accidents and obtain various reports in order to improve your practices. As soon as your employee becomes “disabled” in your Folks platform, the information is automatically transferred to Voilà! and all the employee’s shifts open. The supervisor is immediately notified and has the opportunity to fill all shifts, either by invitation or with the automatic replacement feature.

We’ve talked to you about Deluxe Payroll before, well know that by adding this payroll solution to the equation, you have a complete and fully integrated digital ecosystem to manage all of your HR and operational needs without unnecessary effort or risk of error.

Want to learn more about our integrations and the benefits they can bring you?

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