How to Improve Employee Retention in Nonprofits

Morgane Lança
August 8 2022
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The nonprofit sector often faces retention issues. In most cases, low salaries are part of the problem. Therefore, achieving a stable retention rate is a significant challenge, but recruiting and training nonprofit employees often takes up the time and energy needed to overcome it. However, practical solutions exist to solve these situations. Your nonprofit organization will significantly benefit from following our tips to increase retention rates!

1) Avoiding Bad Hires: Strategies and Tools

Making sure you hire the best candidate to fill a position avoids the costs associated with turnover and improves the well-being of all your teams. 

To implement an effective recruitment process and attract qualified staff to your NPO, consider promoting your employer brand to find the best candidate! 


The Importance of Social Networks

Social networks are an essential tool to make yourself known to the public. By using them wisely, you will receive more applications for each of your job offers and attract candidates who are aware of your mission and will therefore apply with more knowledge and motivation. You will thus save time on recruitment and optimize the quantity and quality of your applications!

SEO Strategy for Your Job Postings

It’s also essential to consider SEO strategies to optimize recruitment and marketing practices. For example, your job postings are integral to your employer brand. Plus, your organization will become more attractive if you know how to position yourself in the job market and how to use SEO to improve your chances of finding the right profile.

Making a Good First Impression

You should also maintain good contact with your workforce, former employees and candidates you meet. This way, you will build a strong employer brand, achieving an essential step in establishing a good recruitment strategy for your organization!

ATS: the Must-Have Recruitment Tool

To go even further and ease the administrative headache of turnover and new hires, you should consider investing in an ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Indeed, this tool will save you precious time in managing applications. You will never again lose information, and you will be able to recruit new employees quickly and efficiently!

2) Quickly Identify Engagement Issues

The best tactic to improve employee retention is to regularly monitor your workforce to identify declines in motivation before they get out of hand. 

The essentials are effective communication, modern performance management practices, and KPIs analytics!

One-on-one Meetings and Performance Management

Collecting employee feedback is a good way of building relevant engagement and retention strategies. Regular meetings are valuable allies in determining engagement levels within your organization. 

Modern performance reviews also allow you to identify engagement and productivity issues before they get worse, and to quickly re-motivate your workforce.

Therefore, you can take advantage of these discussions to ask employees about their perceived future in the organization and any drop in motivation. 

HR Performance Indicators

Another ally for managing performance and improving retention in your organization: HR performance indicators. KPIs are a key feature in most HRIS (Human Resources Information System) that allow you to see your turnover and retention rates and to make comparative studies over a reference period. They will quickly become essential tools for your retention strategies!

Employee Engagement Surveys

To go further, you can also choose to implement engagement surveys at the frequency that suits you best. They are essential tools to measure employee engagement and act accordingly

Your workforce’s well-being and active participation in establishing your action plans are essential to your organization’s retention rate. Employees who feel heard and appreciated will stay with you longer!

3) Simplify Your Employees’ Daily Lives

The value of working for an NPO lies in the daily mission and the sense of accomplishment it brings. However, time-consuming and repetitive administrative tasks can weigh on your staff, who will lose their initial motivation.

Technology to Engage Your Troops

To cut through the red tape and save your employees valuable time daily, you need to use the right tools! Technology is your best ally to dematerialize repetitive tasks and avoid double data entry, loss of information and all the frustrations that come with it.

HR software for an Efficient Digital Transition

The digitization of administrative tasks is a mandatory shift for employee retention. HR software support your digital transformation: they allow you to dematerialize employee files, PTO management, and build efficient onboarding plans!

Folks HR is an easy-to-use, affordable and people-oriented HR software. The icing on the cake: our features and pricing are tailored to nonprofit organizations’ realities. Click here to learn more!

Organizational Flexibility for Better Employee Retention

Thanks to HR technology, you’ll have more time to take care of new and current employees, thereby optimizing your organization’s retention rate.

This dematerialization of your processes will also help you achieve greater organizational flexibility, improving employee well-being in the long run!

Efficient recruitment, regular follow-up, and implementation of relevant tools are critical elements of your employee retention strategies. Indeed, they will ensure better workforce retention in the long term. 

Following our tips, your mission and employee well-being can finally become your top priorities!

Folks offers all the HR tools you need to retain your employees!

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