HR Software Requirements Checklist

Morgane Lança
May 30 2022

Your organization clearly needs to invest in HR software, and you have to choose between several solutions? This is a crucial decision for your company: your HR solution will be the backbone of your human resources management

Here are valuable tips to help you create a checklist to choose the perfect HRIS!

How to create your HR software requirements checklist?

Key Features

It’s a good idea to list all your HR needs ranked by importance. Then, compare your requirements with the features available. Our free HRIS requirements checklist provides a good model of this ranking system, but it is always helpful to include the key features that all the best HR solutions offer. Here are some examples:

1) Onboarding

  • Creation of onboarding templates
  • Assignment of tasks with deadlines
  • Automated reminders

2) Employee Files


3) Employee PTO and Absence Management

4) Performance Management

  • Different performance evaluation methods
  • Performance and objectives tracking (by period, by employee)
  • Comments and attachments

5) Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

  • Overall company performance in real-time
  • HR dashboard and reports on goals to reach
  • Absenteeism, retention and turnover rates

6) Time and Attendance

  • Standard or project-based timesheets
  • Overtime bank
  • Facilitation of payroll and invoicing management
  • Attendance and time-tracking

7) Career and Training Management

  • Training and certificates management with automated reminders
  • Calculation of training costs
  • Centralization of documentation
  • Professional development follow-up 
  • Creation and tracking of objectives

Folks HR offers all these must-have features and many more! Did you know? We design HR solutions adapted to the reality of SMBs, manufacturing and construction companies, but also NPOs and professional services!

Essential Criteria for Your Checklist

Integration Solutions

In addition to offering essential features for all organizations, HR software often offer valuable integration solutions for your company: 

And many more!

It’s up to you to determine which integrations are the most relevant to your reality and enjoy the benefits of a centralized HR ecosystem!

One of Folks’ core values is flexibility. That’s why this all-in-one HR management software offers many integration solutions! Feel free to check out our partners page to get an idea of the value of our integrations for your company!

Be sure to make the best HR choice for your business:

Use our free HRIS requirements checklist to analyze your needs!


Implementation Project and Support

Power and relevance are key factors in your final decision. However, it’s essential not to overlook the quality of support provided. A smooth implementation process led by experts is an undeniable asset. You need to take the following considerations into account : 

  • Implementation timeframe
  • Quality of support throughout the process
  • Free and unlimited technical support
  • Tools made available
  • Availability of the support team

As for Folks, the numbers don’t lie: 98% of our customers say they are satisfied with our support team!

Financial Considerations

Time to consider price ranges and how they fit into your budget! You should consider your organization’s finances and possible additional costs after implementation. 

Psst… Folks HR offers affordable features, and they are all included in the initial purchase price! No hidden fees, no unpleasant surprises: save money without compromising on the power of your HR software! 


How to Choose Your HR Software?

Having a checklist of the features you need for your organization is a must, but what about the steps you need to take to select your HR software? If you feel lost in this selection process, here are some valuable tips to make the best decision possible!

The 5 Essential Selection Steps

  1. Determine your company’s long-term needs and objectives;
  2. Discuss the issue with decision-makers, the HR department, managers and employees to build a list of requirements and define a budget;
  3. Search for HR software suppliers with offers that correspond to your needs, taking into account the budget previously allocated; 
  4. Request live demonstrations: this first meeting helps you evaluate customer service
  5. Make a final decision based on the demo, your budget, and your trustworthy checklist!

Convince Your Management

Before beginning your HRIS project, you must first convince your management to take the plunge. Don’t hesitate to explain your decision-making process and the key challenges that led you to look for HR management tools in the first place.

Need help convincing your boss you need an HRIS? Check out our article for useful tips!


Request Live Demos

The first demonstration meeting will allow you to form a more elaborate opinion. If the demonstration is convincing and personalized to your needs, you will be sure to make the right choice! 

Our demonstrations are free and personalized. So, what are you waiting for to discover Folks HR?


Choosing the best HR solution for your business takes dedication and strategic thinking. Take a few minutes of your time to discover Folks HR, the best HR management software for Canadian SMBs!


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