Software News: Integration of E-signatures in Folks HR

visuel signature électronique
Morgane Lança
September 12 2022

We are happy to announce the integration of electronic signatures in Folks HR! This new feature will be introduced progressively within the platform to perfectly integrate with your daily management processes.

From now on, your coworkers will be able to sign all their documents directly on the platform. For example, if you have documents to be signed by an employee during their onboarding or regarding their training and certificates, you will be able to follow these steps in Folks HR:

  • Click on a button to generate a document directly in the relevant module;
  • Send the document and choose signatories on the platform;
  • Track the document’s status directly on your dashboard.

The signatory will automatically receive an email informing them that a document is waiting to be signed on their platform. They will be able to access it in a few clicks and will be redirected to HelloSign for a fast and secure electronic signature process.

As soon as the process is completed, the document’s status will be updated in Folks HR so that you can immediately check its progress. You can then download the completed document.

It is a game changer and a huge time saver for managers and employees alike!

Say goodbye to multiple reminder emails, piles of paper, delays and information loss impacting your workflow… Document management and archiving will be simplified and centralized for your entire organization.

Moreover, e-signatures will greatly facilitate your employees’ daily life, especially for remote workers. This flexible process will allow your employees to quickly sign documents from home, without needing their own electronic signature software, scanner or printer.

Everyone benefits from adopting electronic signatures, even more so when they are integrated with the HR management software that supports your everyday processes.

We hope that this new feature will be useful to your daily management. We are sure that it will quickly become a must for your organization! 


If you have any questions about this new integration and electronic signatures in general, feel free to contact our support team at

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