Jimmy Plante Becomes CEO of Folks

Sylvain Roy et Jimmy Plante
Folks Team
September 12 2023

Jimmy Plante joins the Folks adventure, succeeding Sylvain Roy in the role of CEO. Co-founder and former president of BIM One, Jimmy has a solid knowledge of the SaaS world and a deep passion for product development. His vision is to make Folks the Canadian leader in HR solutions for SMBs.

Folks, a Canadian-based company developing human resources management technology solutions for Canadian businesses, appoints Jimmy Plante as its new CEO. He succeeds Sylvain Roy, who founded Folks in 2009 and has led the company for the past 12 years.

Over the years, Sylvain Roy has guided Folks through many key milestones, including a full rebranding, a strong growth both financially and in terms of employee numbers, and the launch of numerous features that simplify the daily lives of HR managers throughout Canada. 

Folks has therefore appointed a trusted partner as its new CEO, who will effectively take over the reins of the organization, with the primary objective of taking the company and its customers to new heights. Jimmy Plante is a talented technology entrepreneur who will oversee the research and development of powerful new HR solutions.

Sylvain Roy envisions this change with great optimism and confidence in the future:

I feel privileged to have him with us on this adventure. He’s a structured, visionary CEO with a unique passion for SaaS software. […] Jimmy  could have gone anywhere, and the fact that he chose Folks demonstrates the great potential of our company.

Jimmy Plante speaks of the importance of maintaining Folks’ core values while taking the company to a new strategic and R&D level:

The most important ingredient for success, in my opinion, is team spirit. Seeing a team that is young, motivated and above all passionate about what they do is the ultimate ingredient for business success. Having a background as an entrepreneur of a fast-growing technology organization, I quickly realized that employees and teamwork are the key to success, and Folks already has that in place.

This transition is both natural and beneficial for the company, and bodes well for the future of Folks and its customers.

About Folks

Folks is a Canadian-based technology company dedicated to creating human resources management solutions tailored to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses in Canada.

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