Must-Have Tools for Remote Work

Catherine Maheux-Rochette
June 7 2022

Every crisis brings opportunities that must be seized: the one that Canada has recently experienced has changed the perception of many businesses.

Indeed, it is now more than ever time to consider – and implement – the digital shift

Early in the crisis, the World Health Organization advised employers to offer more remote working options and recommended video-conferencing meetings to limit physical contact and contagion risks. 

As a fully functional remote work company, we have been able to adapt quickly. Here is a list of the different tools, software and applications that support remote teams.

Basic Remote Working Tools

Of course, our entire team owns a laptop and cell phone, which allows them to work from anywhere, as long as they have an Internet connection. In addition, as we use cloud-based solutions, our employees receive data protection training and are all aware of our remote working policy to ensure data security and secure connection.

Need help setting up your remote working policy? Our HR partners can help. Contact us for more information!

Remote Work Communication

Our team is tightly knit, and we believe that this is mainly due to the effective communication built throughout the organization, from managers to employees and vice versa. Communication is even more important for team spirit and cohesion in a remote work environment. Our motto? Communicate more! Here are the communication tools we use and love in contexts of remote work:

  • Slack

Slack is a simple interface that offers real-time messaging. Conversations can be organized by topic or team, thanks to the different channels, but it is also possible to send private messages to each user. Slack is compatible with several other applications, such as Google Drive and Zoom, which we also use. 

Bonus tip: At Folks, we have a #nicejob channel where employees are encouraged to recognize their coworkers’ achievements. Recognition is a great way to boost team motivation! 


  • Gmail

For our email exchanges, we use Gmail, a secure and private email application from the G Suite by Google. Gmail helps employees access their messages from anywhere and from any device. In addition, via the mobile application, it is also possible to read and write offline emails, which will be sent as soon as the device is connected to the Internet.

  • Zoom

As for video conferencing tools, Zoom is a must for remote employees: virtual meetings, training or technical support, you will undoubtedly find it helpful in more ways than one! You can also record a Zoom meeting on the platform, and the free version can gather up to 100 participants per 40-minute meeting.


Online Collaboration Tools

  • Google Drive

Google Drive uses cloud storage and lets you share and access your files from any device. In addition, real-time editing features facilitate teamwork and optimize remote team collaboration.

  • ClickUp

ClickUp is a comprehensive task management tool that supports remote collaboration. At Folks, we use it for project management. Since we don’t always work from the same place, ClickUp helps us track project progress and keep track of priorities by assigning tasks. 

Bonus tip: ClickUp allows you to create goals for more creative projects. We like to assign goals to each other and think about different strategies to reach them to motivate one another!



HR Management

  • Folks HR

It goes without saying that we use our own software to manage our human resources! Folks is the perfect HR solution for SMBs: comprehensive, user-friendly and affordable. Our features include employee profiles management, PTO and absence management, performance evaluation and an HR reporting and analytics solution that provides custom reports of your organizational health.


  • Folks ATS

Folks ATS (Applicant Tracking System) is a simple tool that allows you to centralize, store and assess your applications. The ATS optimizes your entire recruitment process from the moment you post a job to the definitive hiring.


  • Deluxe Payroll

In addition to being one of our partners, Deluxe Payroll is our payroll service provider. Deluxe offers monthly, quarterly and annual payroll management, salary and bonus processing by professional level and employee category, and a wide range of payroll reports. It is a comprehensive solution that we always highly recommend to our clients!


  • Didacte

Didacte is an LMS (Learning Management System) that allows companies to create learning paths and lets them track the progress of their teams in real-time. Managers can create training content adapted to their business reality – for example, to move an employee from one position to another. The content is then stored in their personalized platform that employees can access to progress at their own pace.

Many tools allow organizations to adapt to remote work, but you don’t need to use them all to be effective. As you can see, at Folks, we can work optimally with just a few essential tools. What matters the most is to choose solutions that fit your business reality. For instance, you can use Folks HR software for an organization that provides professional services. But you also may adopt our solutions for any small or medium business.

Furthermore, it is crucial to think about the management that comes with implementing new work methods and tools. All in all, when it comes to tools for remote work, less is more!

Would you like support in choosing and implementing new technologies within your organization? Folks HR software meets the needs of nonprofits as well as SMBs. Our HR solutions consultants are available to discuss the best digital infrastructure for your company and refer you to partners who can meet your needs. Feel free to contact us for more information!


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