Streamline Your Recruitment Process With an ATS

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April 16 2021

Did you say ATS? Behind these three letters, which simply stand for “Applicant Tracking System”, lies a world of opportunities within the framework of an optimal recruitment process. It is a given that technology has become the preferred medium and channel for managers and candidates alike. One thing is certain, regardless of the platform, interface and deployment (and operating) budget considered, the choice of an ATS requires, for a company and in particular for its HRM teams, careful thought coupled with an analysis of short and long-term needs.

Let’s start at the beginning: an ATS is a solution for managing (and streamlining) the recruitment process from A to Z. This means that it allows you to broadcast job offers by multiple channels and to manage, follow and analyze (thanks to a statistics module, for example) all the applications received. It should be noted that the ATS solution can take two forms: either software installed on a workstation, or a remote database – what is known as “SaaS” or “Software as a Service”, a cloud-based distribution model.

How Does an ATS Help Streamline the Recruitment Process?

It all depends on the resources available to the company, as well as its technological vision of recruitment management. In any case, an ATS is more than a simple tool. It is, first and foremost, a collaborative, not to say participative, ultramodern solution, since it allows recruiters to “share” the profiles they are interested in at a given moment. Moreover, the ATS is now the essential software asset for managing the dozens—if not hundreds—of resumes that a recruiter receives every day. And if it obviously facilitates the publication of job offers, the system offers the manager to create, with the best possible adjustments, banks of candidates that they can then sort, comment, annotate and above all supervise before even needing them.

In a word: using an ATS encourages anticipation. What could be more efficient, more productive and therefore more profitable than to manage, today with ease and serenity, recruitments that we could have to make tomorrow in a hurry?

Applicants and Numbers

A study relayed in 2017 by stated that in the United States, “95% of large companies and 50% of small and medium-sized businesses use automated recruitment software to assist them in the first selection stage.”[1] There’s no denying it: the digital age has forced companies and candidates to thoroughly rethink the way they offer a position or skills. And with the proliferation of publishing tools (tablets and smartphones, for example), both for recruiting and applying, canvassing, searching and finding work represents… a mandate in itself. Recruitment (and application) intelligence has diversified and adjusted to the demands of the digital world.

The ATS embodies this stage of the evolution of the job market and HRM within companies, regardless of their size. Carefully selected, developed, installed and operated by experts who understand the company’s needs, an ATS is a real vector of performance (among other things, by centralizing, analyzing and monitoring), and of optimization of the recruitment process. In short: a sure source of productivity gains and savings in time and resources. A recent article on reminded us that “more than 46% of recruiters who received at least 200 applications” found it “difficult to sort through this volume” and “find the right profile” in this mass of resumes [2]. It is certain that the trend is not towards a reduction in this critical mass. The famous “Excel sheet” is no longer enough! And if a company’s objective is indeed to grow, the need for an ATS is obviously even more apparent.

With the software, the manager can perform predictive analyses as well as statistics on the qualities and skills of a potential candidate. In addition, the ATS keeps track of the applicants, even after several years. An impeccable traceability.

Business and Responsiveness with the Right Recruitment Tool

In addition to facilitating communication with candidates (as soon as job offers are published on various media such as social networks, job sites, etc.), the ATS matches profiles with job descriptions. In other words, it is the best matchmaker for happy marriages between candidates and companies!

Another advantage, and not the least, is that it can be integrated with the HRIS, which eliminates the need for duplicate data entry… When we talk about ATS, we are talking about increased competitiveness and, by the same token, improved corporate image—and therefore, an “employer brand ” likely to attract talent. Both reactive and proactive, the software helps to perfect the candidate experience and the collaborative approach to recruitment.

Nevertheless, the right questions must be asked in order to choose the right ATS:

  • Which system is the most affordable—or at least, adjusted to the company’s budget?
  • What type of interface should be considered? If it is to be user-friendly, it will be necessary for all team members, current and future, to be able to connect and use it easily.
  • Do you want to collect, retrieve and reach qualified profiles through the solution?
  • Do we need a customer service department available in case of operational problems?

A team of HR software experts will be able to understand your needs (and therefore interpret them technologically!) and advise and guide the company.

And you, what are your needs in terms of recruitment management and follow-up?

Find out why Folks is the best ATS to streamline YOUR recruitment process, request your free demo now!

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