Top 14 Funniest HR Memes

Employé riant
Morgane Lança
August 30 2021

Everyone needs a daily dose of laughter, HR professionals included. We have a selection of funny and relatable HR memes to share; they are sure to bring a smile to your face!

1) So Many Emails and Reminders...

Communication is key in HR, but sometimes you might feel like no one is listening… Despite all your good efforts!

2) Perceptions vs. Reality

Dependable, attentive, superhuman but also the slightest bit threatening…

It might not be easy to fit into your fellow employees’ perception of HR!

3) Building a Good Employer Brand is Tough

Building an attractive employer brand is not an easy feat… It might not be a bad thing if yours is not necessarily all sparkles and glitter, but rather relatable!

4) Performance Reviews and Potential Ensuing Headaches

It’s not always easy to deal with performance reviews… But you might get a good laugh out of it!

Thankfully, an HRIS like Folks offers 180° and 360° performance evaluations that can help you overcome these challenges.

5) HR Unsolved Mysteries

Will we ever have an answer? Maintaining and increasing employee engagement can be a hassle. You might as well get some helpful tips, over here!

6) Hello, Can Anybody Help?

We do our best with what we’re given, after all. And in the end, we get funny HR horror stories out of these experiences.

7) Dealing With Emergencies… As Well As You Can

Dealing with people and correcting their mistakes can be frustrating, while feeling extremely rewarding. It is the biggest contradiction in HR…

8) We Still Have Fun… Sometimes

Virtual birthdays might not be your cup of tea, but you rocked managing the shift to remote work these past couple of years. High five to you!

9) Where Would We Be Without You?

… Not in a good place, is the only answer that comes to mind. HR departments were the true backbone of companies during this crisis, and we wouldn’t have gone very far without them.

10) You Deserve Our Cheers

You deserve a round of applause for your work, especially since the beginning of the pandemic. We are grateful for your continuous efforts, and we see you and your daily struggles!

11) Recruiters' Worst Nightmare

I know we said 10, but let’s be real, more is always better when it comes to memes!

If you’re struggling with the current labour shortage, follow professional tips to build an efficient recruitment strategy!

12) Don't Forget Your Onboarding Plan!

Forgot to plan your new employee’s onboarding? Oops… Here are quick tips to build your employee onboarding plan!

13) Getting ready for employee annual reviews?

… So are we, and we all know how much time and energy performance management takes. Make sure you are prepared to conduct the best appraisals!

14) If we said it once...

We said it a hundred times! Need help improving your performance management process? Here is the ultimate guide to optimize employee performance management in your company!

Laughing about our daily professional issues alleviates our stress, but there is nothing more helpful than communication with people who experience the same situations. If you need to share your struggles with other HR professionals, light-heartedly or not, feel free to join our HR community on Linkedin or on Facebook!

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