What's an HRIS: Definition and Top Features

Morgane Lança
August 10 2021

In recent years, Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS) have been at the forefront of HR discussions and are taking on an increasingly important role in companies’ human resources management. But more concretely, what is an HRIS? What are its functions, and above all, why is it essential for the smooth running of your organization?

Definition of an HRIS

A Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is a software that integrates several functions related to human resources, thus helping in the daily management of HR administrative tasks.

The HRIS enables the automation of these processes and offers a clear and global vision of the company’s health, both in terms of productivity and employee motivation.

HRIS Features

The HRIS offers a wide range of functions and cover many human resources management administrative tasks.

HR Dashboard

Interactive dashboards give a global vision of the tasks left to be done (vacation approval, for instance) as well as possible incidents or anomalies related to employees. These indicators are all found in one place to provide you with a valuable overview. It is then possible to dig deeper into different categories by accessing the corresponding tabs.

Employee Profiles

Employee profiles contain all the information needed for quick navigation (department, positions, supervisor, any note to the file, etc.). As for employees, they have access to their personal information and can quickly update it through the self-service portal if needed.

Better still, they can check their time bank at any moment and request vacation time accordingly, or simply complete their daily timesheet.

Employee Performance Evaluation

Some HR systems also offer a performance evaluation module for each employee, with a possibility to view individual progress and the achievement of one’s objectives. This allows managers from each department to identify potential issues related to employees and solve them accordingly.

In short, the Human Resources Information System provides complete and centralized access to all human resources data, thus avoiding wasted time spent collecting information. A valuable automation for the whole organization, which saves considerable time both for managers and employees alike.

But beyond these apparent advantages, how can an HRIS be a key feature for your company’s management? 

The Importance of an HRIS in Business Management

The HRIS’s numerous functionalities offer way more than time savings and clarity in employee data management. The truth is that the HRIS can reshape a company for the better by providing the innovative touch that will make it more productive and ensure its sustainability.

With the dashboard, you can identify at a glance the tasks left to be done, whether they are related to onboarding or vacation requests to be approved, for example. This management tool provides a welcome daily reminder: no more oversights and therefore no more time wasted remembering what has already been done or what remains to be done!

Data dematerialization and centralization helps in having a reliable history of the company’s productivity in the long term. Dematerialization also prevents loss of data from one department to another by avoiding multiple information entries and human error. All your HR processes are made easier on a daily basis!

HR management through an HRIS also allows for a productive and empowering workflow and increases employee engagement, thanks to the employee self-service database and the access to vacation management at all times. An autonomous employee is a committed employee!

To go further and obtain a complete employee performance appraisal over a given period of time, the HRIS offers performance reviews proposing a detailed analysis by department or by employee.  You will no longer have to guess the possible decrease in employee motivation since all data related to their involvement in the company will be readily available. In addition, the HRIS will cover the administrative aspect of performance management while allowing you to act quickly and efficiently on the more strategic dimension to solve internal issues.

This is proof that the HRIS can quickly become an essential tool for your company!

Choice and implementation

To top it all off, implementing an HRIS solution is usually quick and adapted to your business’ needs. At Folks, we offer intuitive, comprehensive and user-friendly modules that will allow fast software integration in all your organization’s departments. Folks HR will quickly become an essential tool for managing all your human resources tasks and will improve your company’s productivity by facilitating manager-employee communication and creating a stable workflow. Our customers entirely agree!

In addition, integration with different systems (payroll software, group insurance…) is accessible thanks to our flexibility. For example, we work in perfect integration with the software Voilà!, which enables us to cover all your HR needs in an optimal way while preventing mistakes. And we have many other reliable partners!


Offering undeniable advantages for a company’s productivity, Human Resources Information Systems represent an ever-growing technology solution for the future of human resources management. Less rigid and more empowering, in addition to being true vectors of organizational progress, HRIS are certainly bound to last. 

Folks HR offers a flexible and easy-to-implement software that will optimize your HR functions while saving you considerable time on a daily basis. We have numerous standout features for you to discover!

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