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    « If you’re looking to implement an HRIS that is cost efficient and user-friendly, you’ll want to use Folks! »

    Sama Al-Obaidy, Head of Product Development
    Flex Travel Solutions

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    Comprehensive Employee Management

    Manage your employees throughout their entire life-cycle with our powerful and user-friendly features: guaranteed time-savings and maximum productivity!

    Centralized Data at your Fingertips

    Access data in a few clicks: no more data losses and time wasted searching for information! Be efficient everyday, every step of the way.

    HR Strategy Made Easy

    Who said that strategy had to be complicated? With Folks, HR strategy is easy as pie: make the best decisions based on reliable data!

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    • A Canadian HRIS made by a SMB, for SMBs
    • Flexible and affordable features for all industries
    • A user-friendly platform
    • Focus on innovation, power and integration
    • A team of tech and HR enthusiasts
    • Top-notch customer support
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