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Manufacturing Companies

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Managing human resources in a manufacturing company is no small task. In addition to managing work-related accidents, it is often difficult to find skilled workers and retain them over the long term.

What if a human resources management system could support and considerably improve your business processes? Folks HR is the best tool for your manufacturing business. Our solutions are user-friendly, easy to use for managers and employees alike!


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    Folks, the best HR tool for manufacturing companies

    Folks offers an HR software solution adapted to common manufacturing challenges: from the management of work accidents with our dedicated feature, to the automation of repetitive and time-consuming administrative tasks and access to employee documents… With Folks HR, manufacturing managers will finally be able to focus on their core role: mobilizing their teams to ensure productivity and a positive employee experience.

    Even if you’re not a HR professional, Folks HR offers an easy-to-use platform that is tailored to your specific reality!

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    Training management for happier employees

    Continuous training strategies improve employee engagement and performance. Manufacturing companies that effectively train their employees reduce their accident rates and turnover rates by creating a safe and supportive workplace environment for everyone.

    To support you in these strategies, Folks HR offers features dedicated to certificates and training management. Renewing certificates and training cards has never been easier! All reminders will be automated and directly visible on your dashboards so that you will never again fall behind on your training management!

    Simplified and efficient time tracking

    Your employees have to punch in every day and tracking their hours takes up a lot of your time and energy?

    Folks offers timesheet automation, dematerialized PTO planning and time management, and an employee calendar for efficient time tracking at a glance! In addition to simplifying the management of workforce schedules, Folks HR also facilitates payroll processing thanks to the centralization of all relevant information.


    Folks HR has saved us about 8 hours a week just to run payroll.”

    Valerie Rancourt-Grenier, Vice President of Human Resources and Marketing, LG Cloutier Group

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    Real-time data and HR reports for top productivity

    We chose Folks because it’s a tool that allows us to measure the impact of new HR practices over time. Folks has allowed us to ensure consistency in our HR management.” – Marc-Antoine Gagnon, Human Resources Manager, Laserax


    To optimize your productivity and all your business strategies, you simply have to use HR reports supported by key statistics. You can leave your calculator and pencils behind: Folks automatically calculates your performance indicators to help you build relevant analytical strategies and improve your HR practices over time! Choose Folks HR, your best ally for analytical human resources management!

    Optimize performance management

    Performance reviews are a key asset for your company’s success. They are also time-consuming processes. Folks HR offers a fully customizable performance management solution to create performance evaluation processes that support your business goals.

    Focus on managing business operations: employee performance data will be kept on your platform at all times and you will only have to add your comments and monthly objectives. Easy access to employee records will save you time and optimize company workflows.

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    Your best ally for recruitment and employee retention

    Skilled staff is increasingly difficult to find and retaining employees over the long term is even more complicated. Folks offers an onboarding platform with automated task reminders to ensure that new hires feel right at home from the very moment they join the company!

    Folks ATS is also a valuable ally in finding top talent. Use applicant tracking to save time on your hiring process, quickly get in touch with the right candidate, automatically file hundreds of resumes…

    By improving hire experience, you will build a strong employer brand and ensure you attract the best talent.

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    With solid recruiting features and retention tools designed to ensure your business growth, Folks HR is simply the best strategic ally for your manufacturing company!


    So… What are you waiting for? Try Folks today!

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