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Employee Performance Management Software and Features

Traditional employee performance evaluations are often criticized, and they might not fit your reality. You might even question their relevance in your organization. Yet, when used efficiently, performance reviews are a critical component of employee engagement and, by extension, of your company’s productivity.

If the idea of having to modernize this entire process on your own scares you, don’t panic! Our performance management tools are here to help.

Folks HR offers a flexible, accessible employee performance management software with key features that fit the realities of human resources professionals and SMBs.

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    Optimize your HR strategy with Folks HR’s performance management software

    Here are some examples of Folks’ many advantages for performance analytics and development:

    • Save time on the implementation and organization of performance management
    • Centralize data related to performance assessment on a secure platform
    • Access all information on performance appraisal in a few clicks
    • Customize your evaluation grids depending on the chosen performance module
    • Choose from a variety of performance assessment methods
    • Get access to analytical data, performance metrics and continuous feedback (tracking evolution of employee performance reports over time)

    Easy as 1-2-3: Standard performance appraisal

    This is the most common evaluation process, and implementing it is a breeze with our dedicated performance module!

    Simply pre-determine the criteria that apply to all employees evaluated and conduct the annual performance review accordingly. The performance targets are therefore easy to define and applicable throughout the entire team. This process can perfectly correspond to your reality and provide you with clear insights for better productivity.

    Folks HR even lets you add personalized comments to standard performance evaluations if you want to further your reviews!

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    Collaboration takes on a whole new meaning with 180-degree and 360-degree reviews

    More focused on the achievement of goals, the 180 evaluation consists of a review by the manager and a self-assessment by the employee. Therefore, real dialogue is established between the supervisor and the employee, and the latter will feel more involved in the evaluation thanks to this equitable speaking time. In addition, this approach enhances the exchanges that take place during the performance conversations.

    360-degree feedback is even more global: in addition to involving the manager and the employee, it also includes colleaguesPeer feedback brings valuable insight to the table. Similarly, the assessed employee can evaluate their peers to create a meaningful conversation. A true team dynamic is created with this process which can reveal issues within a group of employees and encourage mutual progress. Employee experience and team collaboration are truly valued with this performance management method, which you can quickly implement with Folks!

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    Modernize employee performance management strategy with Model 3.0

    To go even further, Folks HR offers you a feature dedicated to performance Evaluation 3.0, or goal management, a flexible method that consists of setting up frequent feedback and meetings and adapting to the needs of both the manager and the employee. Their goal setting is mutually agreed upon and may change depending on individual contexts. The focus is on career goals and continuous feedback, real-time

    These evaluations are very different from traditional annual reviews, where only the manager shares insight and makes decisions. Here, what matters is the communication between employees and managers to reach individual employee goals, career development and company goals all at once!

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    Performance Review Software

    If you want your HR strategy to be more flexible and efficient while improving employee performance and engagement and reaching business objectives, our performance appraisal software is made for you. You’ll find the key feature for your needs in just a few clicks!

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