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Is your SMB growing? Are you struggling to find the time you need for HR management? You might not have an HR department or enough employees to take care of administrative tasks. It is high time to rely on automation features by investing in cloud-based HR software!

Folks strives to provide software solutions that support the companies that need it most!



Folks HR is designed by a SMB, for SMBs

SMBs are particularly concerned with issues of company culture, employer brand and employee engagement. Your organization is most likely evolving, and you are consequently facing numerous management challenges. Our human resources management software is designed to support your growth and optimize your administrative processes at the most crucial time for you!

You can save up to 8 hours a week by automating your business processes with Folks HR!

Our flexible and affordable HR software will support your growth

We know that SMBs have various evolving needs, so we offer flexible features that adapt to your reality. We let you choose the employee performance review method that suits you most, and we only implement features that are useful to your reality! If your needs change over time, you will gain access to all our tools at no additional cost.

Flexible and affordable solutions without compromising on quality that’s your kind of HR!

User-friendly solutions for your entire organization

Why make it complicated when you can make it simple – and efficient? Our human resources management system, our engagement surveys and our applicant tracking system are user-friendly and accessible to your entire organization. Not an HR or technology pro? Folks offers easy-to-use solutions and an intuitive platform that all your employees will love to use every day!

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« Folks really allowed me to spend more time with my managers and support them more quickly. »

Victor Grenier, Human Resources Advisor

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Discover the must-have features of an efficient HRIS!

It is essential to know the key features of an HRIS to understand the concrete benefits they provide to your company. The modules offered are numerous and might not always be relevant to your context: it is easy to get lost!

However, any good HR software, like Folks HR, offers relevant features for all companies.

To learn more about these essential features, with concrete examples of their benefits on all your HR processes, check out our article!

Folks offers the best management tools for your SMB

Streamline your HR with Folks!

Choosing Folks means benefiting from the best business HR solutions that will support your growth and improve your productivity.

Whether it’s our human resources software, engagement surveys or applicant tracking tools, we always focus on authenticity and flexibility to better fit with your reality!

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