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Folks optimizes core HR management in your service company

Save time to focus on your business goals

Are you overwhelmed by paperwork and administrative tasks on a daily basis, and unsure of how to optimize your human resources management centralize your HR information?

Not matter what professional services you provide, Folks RH saves you precious time so that you can focus on your business strategies and the quality of service you deliver to your customers.

Automate and simplify all your HR processes with our powerful solutions, and take back the time and energy you need to achieve your strategic objectives!

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Centralize your information and access HR reports

Centralizing your HR information saves you time on a daily basis and helps you avoid human errors and oversights. All your employee information can be accessed and updated in just a few clicks.

What’s more, your HR dashboard will let you identify which tasks are in progress or need to be completed, and provide HR KPI reports to continuously track your organizational health.

Optimize your financial management with timesheets and expense accounts

With our automated timesheets, salary grid, expense account and project management modules, you’ll never again spend hours on a single payroll. You will gain greater visibility of your budgets for optimized financial planning.

We also offer integration possibilities with payroll solutions and time management software to simplify and optimize your accounting and human resources management.

Use Folks ATS to recruit the best consultants

Folks ATS automatically centralizes and classifies your resumes directly on your candidate database. You’ll be able to perform keyword searches as well as access your interview questionnaires and customize your hiring process, all in just a few clicks.

What’s more, these features can be integrated with your career page and popular job boards for even greater flexibility and efficiency in your recruitment processes.

Here are our must-have features for professional service companies:

  • Timesheets and absence management: track your teams’ schedules to optimize payroll management, and simplify leave management with requests and approvals just a few clicks away.
  • Applicant Tracking System: Folks ATS enables you to find the best consultants quickly and connects to your career page and major job search sites.
  • Employee files: employee self-service lets everyone update their information, saving you precious time on a daily basis. Access the information you need in a matter of seconds.
  • Training management: visualize the training budget and hours allocated to each employee or team. Keep track of your teams’ skills acquisition and careers, so that they remain productive and efficient.

Discover Folks, Canadian SMB's Favorite HRIS!

« The switch from our old processes (Excel spreadsheets) to Folks’ platform saves us a lot of time, especially when it comes to tracking absences and vacations and managing employee files (both in terms of HR and payroll). We also avoid double information entry (during hiring for example) and therefore prevent human error. »

Alexandra Quinn-Theriault, Director, Employee Experience
Univesta Insurance and Financial Services

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Benefit from the best performance management software

Folks offers powerful performance management features and different evaluation methods to suit the realities of  professional services companies. Access a detailed summary of your teams’ performance and keep track of past and current objectives on a flexible and powerful platform.

All information relating to employee performance will be centralized, enabling you to quickly identify any productivity issues and act swiftly to maintain productivity levels.

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Centralize documents and optimize data management

If you are overwhelmed by Excel files and manual data entry, it is time to centralize your document management on an HR management platform. Do hiring and onboarding documents represent an important part of your daily life? Documents can be added directly as attachments to employee profiles!

Avoid data loss, easily access employee profiles, and use your HR reporting tool with real-time reminders!

Automating daily processes on your centralized software will also facilitate your workers’ daily lives. Improve employee engagement by choosing our human resources management software!

Discover Folks HR, the best HR software for professional services

Folks HR offers all the key features professional services companies need to succeed and focuses on flexibility to simplify your daily processes. Automate and optimize all your human resource management processes with powerful HR software that supports your strategic objectives.

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