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Folks handles core HR management for your service company

Do you often feel like you are running out of time? Are your days too short to reach your goals? Human resources management might be a considerable burden weighing you down daily. If you are overwhelmed with paperwork, you need to automate time-consuming administrative tasks and centralize HR information in your company.

No matter what professional services you provide, Folks HR saves you valuable time so you can focus on your growth strategy and provide top service to your clients.

Automate and streamline all your time-consuming HR processes with our human resources management software: you will finally have the time and energy to achieve your goals and focus on the people side of your business!

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    Focus on what truly matters: your clients!

    The switch from our old processes (Excel spreadsheets) to Folks’ platform saves us a lot of time, especially when it comes to tracking absences and vacations and managing employee files (both in terms of HR and payroll). We also avoid double information entry (during hiring for example) and therefore prevent human error.

    – Alexandra Quinn-Theriault, Director, Employee Experience at Univesta Insurance and Financial Services


    By centralizing your HR information, you will not only save time daily, but you will also avoid human errors and oversights. You will never again want to do without automated reminders and employee profiles updates that are just a few clicks away.

    In addition, Folks HR dashboard software will allow you to identify the tasks in progress or to be completed in real-time. Say goodbye to administrative delays and last-minute surprises with our must-have features!

    Optimize your financial management with automated timesheets and expense accounts

    If payroll and billing management takes up a lot of your time on your schedule, don’t worry. With our automated timesheets, salary grid, expense reporting and project management features, you will never spend hours on payroll and accounting again! Even better, you will have increased visibility on your budgets for optimized financial planning.

    We also offer payroll and time tracking solutions integrations to streamline and optimize your financial management.

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    Need to recruit the very best talents? Folks ATS is here to save the day!

    It is a fact: finding the perfect employee for your business takes considerable amounts of time and energy. Folks ATS can store and sort candidates’ resumes for you, directly into your application database.

    You will then be able to do keyword searches on your platform, access your interview questionnaires and customize your hiring process, all in a few clicks.

    In addition, we can integrate the reception of applications with your career page or various job sites for even more flexibility and efficiency in your recruitment process.

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    Efficient training management to keep your employees in top shape

    Our career management module allows you to track workforce professional growth at all times to make sure you have qualified talent on your side. With an HR software like Folks HR, managing training has never been easier: you receive automated reminders for each certificate to be renewed, you quickly calculate training costs, all the while keeping all relevant information (bills, documentation…) on your platform.

    Ongoing training and career development opportunities will considerably increase employee well-being, and your professional services company will be more efficient than ever.

    Ensure top-notch quality services with our performance management features

    Nothing beats an effective performance review process to ensure that your employees are productive. Folks provides complete performance management features with different evaluation methods (standard, 180 and 360-degree performance evaluation, 3.0 method) to always fit with the reality of different professional services companies. All information related to employee performance and productivity will be centralized so you can quickly identify potential problems and be efficient at all times.

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    As you can see, Folks is flexible enough to perfectly integrate with YOUR reality and support your path to success. We are always ready to listen to your questions and comments and happy to help you overcome any challenge.

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