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Powerful, fresh, spunky—that’s us! As a Canadian HR software company, we strive to help you take your HR processes to new heights. Our all-in-one HR software has a wide range of key features. From employee onboarding to performance reviews and employee absence management, our HR software solutions will help automate your workforce management and maximize productivity.

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HR Software Features That Save You Time

Ditch Excel forever, use Folks HR software!

Excel is made to fight bad breath, not improve your employee experience… Discover how our cloud-based, Canadian HRIS software can help you reach your business goals in SMBs, manufacturing, professional services, or construction!


Pssst… Folks HR software is perfectly tailored to nonprofits, and we even offer them special pricing!

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Always Aheadof the Game

Easy peasy

Our HRIS is designed to be intuitive and friendly for you, folks!

In tune with your needs

Made for the Canadian small businesses. We adapt our HR management solutions to your processes. Not the other way around.


Special request? We're always open to suggestions to improve our HRIS software!

Innovative HR Dashboard

Our innovative HR dashboard is unique. Track your HR data in real-time!

Your data is in safe hands

We use highly advanced encryption algorithms to protect your data.

24/7 access

Access your data wherever, whenever—all you need is wifi!

Say goodbye to paper!

No more need for messy paper documents and processes thanks to Folks HR.


HR management made simple, even without an HR manager.

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