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Are you getting tired of entering your HR data in multiple Excel files? Are you struggling to access reliable information to optimize your human resource management?

Folks HR offers a complete talent management tool that centralizes your employee profiles, provides a clear view of your performance metrics and helps you make data-driven decisions. Access your Key Performance Indicators and benefit from automated reports on your intuitive dashboard!

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What is an HR analytics dashboard?

An HR dashboard provides real-time date and helps you get data-driven insights such as key HR metrics. It represents an essential support for your business performance. It is a must-have reporting tool for making strategic choices that will support employee well-being and organizational success.

Folks offers a comprehensive HR management tool with all the key features and KPIs you need for optimized human resources management processes.

Simplify your reporting with a real-time automated HR dashboard

Calculating your KPIs by hand or with Excel is an unreliable and time-consuming method. Are you tired of having to update your data manually and increasing the risk of making mistakes?

The best solution for improving your management processes and making informed decisions is to get detailed reports directly on your HRIS tool.

Here are the main HR KPIs you should track in your company:

  • Absenteeism rate: This indicator highlights days of absence per employee to help you identify and solve absenteeism problems.
  • Work accident rate: You can analyze the safety of your work environment at a glance to reduce the incidence of work-related accidents, injuries and illnesses in your company.
  • Employee turnover rate: The turnover rate corresponds to the number of employee departures in relation to the company’s total workforce. It can be used to identify and reduce the number of voluntary departures.
  • Employee retention rate: The retention rate corresponds to the number of employees remaining with the company over a given period. Using this indicator allows you to optimize employee retention strategies by working on all aspects of employee experience.


Folks HR provides actionable analytics, thus helping you make strategic decisions that support business success!

Discover our numerous core HR features!

« Thanks to Folks’ centralized, integrated database, we can easily track key performance indicators and consult the proposed graphs for better strategic decision-making. »

Robin Sonnet, HR and OHS advisor

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Intuitive dashboard for analyzing and achieving your HR objectives

Your Folks HR dashboard will bring together all the information and real-time data for your people analytics processes. You can then easily select the indicators you wish to analyze in greater detail, and use a combination of indicators to cross-reference your databases:

  • Overall improvement of the employee lifecycle: you can monitor various indicators linked to your company’s work climate by analyzing employee engagement rates, retention and performance across your entire organization.
  • Cost per hire: by visualizing your average cost per hire, you can reduce the time, energy and budget spent on hiring.
  • Skills development programs: create a strategic development plan by tracking the costs and hours of training your teams receive, and improve individual performance.

Easy dashboard implementation

Folks RH offers easy implementation of your customized dashboards, as well as full support throughout the process. You’ll be able to implement the best practices and get a comprehensive view of your organizational performance right from the start.

Our support team is incredible and will answer all your questions. What’s more, our support service is bilingual and personalized.

Simplify your daily life with our powerful and flexible HR management solutions!

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Optimize your long-term organizational performance with Folks HR

Our analytics features enable support the continuous improvement of your management practices. You will able to determine the effectiveness of your action plans and optimize them if needed. KPIs also help you improve performance management processes by providing continuous feedback based on reliable data during performance reviews.

Use Folks HR to face any challenge proactively and make the best decisions for your employees’ well-being and your company’s productivity. Discover our dashboard, KPI features, and a wide range of technological tools to help you reach strategic business objectives and optimize your human capital management!

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