6 Training Challenges in Manufacturing

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Morgane Lança
April 20 2022

The benefits of a good training strategy are well documented. Improved team skills, better employee retention and a reduction in work-related accidents are all essential benefits for your company. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to implement an effective training strategy in manufacturing.

Challenge #1: Lack of time

Your supervisors and team leaders do not always have the time and energy to manage the entire employee training process. However, successful learning requires the full involvement of both parties. In addition, skills development in manufacturing companies involves many additional and time-consuming challenges:

  • Interruptions that impact workflow and production;
  • Training coordination by different sites, cities, sometimes countries;
  • Quality of training that must be consistent for all.

It is challenging to get the free time required to work on these issues. The organization and follow-up of training can quickly become an administrative headache for manufacturing companies.


To ensure that you meet all the essential criteria for effective professional training of your employees, you need to digitize your processes. Folks HR’s training management module provides automated reminders when your employees’ certificates expire. In addition, our career management features will also save you valuable time in tracking your teams’ skill development!

Another solution is using a Learning Management System (LMS), which allows you to centralize all training-related information while coordinating training for all your employees. You will be assured at all times of the homogeneity of the training courses. These features will considerably reduce the administrative burden of training management. A welcome gain in time and efficiency with HR software for manufacturing companies!

Challenge #2: Limited budgets

Paying for trainers, travel and hotel expenses is costly. For SMBs, these training expenses are often unrealistic. Traditional training is also expensive and challenging to keep up with for large companies. The process can quickly feel like a chore rather than an opportunity for your employees. So how can you work within your tight budget and still provide quality training to your teams?

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Online training is undeniably the most cost-effective format for your company. Forget about travel expenses and hiring trainers: everything is included in your original purchase plan price! With an affordable LMS, you will save money without compromising on the quality of your training. Plus, you’ll gain welcome flexibility to motivate your teams to take their online courses when they can, when they want!

Challenge #3: Compliance with regulations

It’s easy to get lost among numerous safety regulations, environmental requirements and labour laws. Manufacturing is particularly affected by these strict regulations. Proper training must be conducted in all departments of an organization to ensure compliance. It’s enough to make you feel overwhelmed!


An HRIS like Folks HR makes it easy to manage all the certificates workers need, thus avoiding delays! In addition, our automated reminders are an effective way to stay compliant with current regulations.

LMS help you check at a glance whether your employees have completed their regulatory training and provides the accredited certificates you need. All in all, HR technology is your best ally in gaining peace of mind about following regulations!

Challenge #4: New generations of workers

New generations of employees have higher training and career development expectations. Unfortunately, the manufacturing industry is sometimes unattractive to these young workers, mainly because of its poor reputation in terms of career advancement opportunities. To solve this problem and counter the difficulties in filling jobs in manufacturing, why not rely on new technologies?


Modernized training processes will undoubtedly appeal to new generations of workers. Indeed, they will benefit from multiplication and diversification of development opportunities and flexibility adapted to their expectations.

LMS often offer flexible training solutions that are perfect for motivating your teams:

  • Synchronous and asynchronous training;
  • Pre-recorded lessons;
  • Hybrid training and virtual classes.

Effective training software as part of your HR platform for SMBs is a must for your company! Benefit from increased employee engagement, better retention rates, and the acquisition of essential skills for the development of your company.

Challenge #5: Diversifying skills in the manufacturing sector

Another training issue closely linked to innovation and retention is the diversification of skills in the manufacturing sector. As the industry is constantly evolving, your current and future employees must acquire new skills required to ensure the proper development of your organization.

Let’s face it: the manufacturing sector requires increasingly varied skills. Versatility, computer and technological knowledge, initiative… So many qualities that make all the difference for your company! How can you acquire them?


To improve your employees’ digital skills, you can rely on dematerialized training. Dematerialized online are also good opportunities to easily acquire soft skills (initiative, critical thinking, communication) through short, interactive videos.

Good LMS allow you to customize the courses offered to your employees according to your needs. By diversifying your training offers, you will benefit from essential skills for the development of your company. Gain added value for your organization by choosing online training!

Challenge #6: Ongoing training culture

By meeting all the previous training challenges, you will be ready to offer quality courses to your employees.

Now it’s time to ensure that training and professional development opportunities are not temporary! Instead, your employee training strategy needs to be long-term. That way, your teams will feel the benefits of your action plans on career management within the company.


Once again, technology tools are your best ally in providing long-term development opportunities for your employees. By offering low annual fees, LMS encourage ongoing learning while making it accessible.

Folks HR‘s career management module will also allow you to keep an eye on your employees’ career progression and ensure that they acquire new skills over time.

Traditional in-person training is still a must for the smooth operation of your manufacturing business. However, modernized processes are indispensable to meet industry-specific training challenges. Therefore, an effective digital transition is essential! By using an HRIS for the manufacturing industry with career management features or an LMS adapted to your needs – or better yet, both at the same time! – you will have already taken a big step toward solving these problems.

Innovation is the key to revitalizing the image of manufacturing companies. It will be your best ally in attracting and retaining the best talent!

Here are ideas of effective retention strategies for your manufacturing company!

Want to see how HR technology can support your training strategies?

Folks HR helps manufacturing companies through all their processes!


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