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Morgane Lança
May 22 2023

You are actively looking for an HR solution for your organization, and the most popular brands constantly appear in your first results? Why not trust a local company that understands the needs of Canadian businesses? Choose Folks and make a difference for your company! Benefit from 100% Canadian solutions, affordable rates and impeccable ongoing support: you won’t find these benefits anywhere else!

Here’s why choosing Folks is the best strategic decision for your organization!

Affordable HR solutions without compromising on quality!

The most popular HR solutions require high budgets, and they are often unrealistic for your organization. Folks stands out from BambooHR by offering more affordable, flexible and powerful solutions that will easily fit into your SMB’s budget. Whether it’s our HR management software, our ATS, or our engagement surveys, our prices are unbeatable all across the board!

Our core mission is to provide accessibility without compromising on quality!

Two packages, no additional fees or add-ons

With Folks, everything is plain and simple: you get to choose between two packages that both include our comprehensive features, depending on your needs and budget. After this initial choice, there’s no additional fees or add-ons to buy.

Because every organization deserves great HR tools, our solutions are accessible to all company and budget sizes!

A Canadian company working for Canadian SMBs

Unlike BambooHR, Folks is a 100% Canadian company closely working with Canadian organizations to better serve their needs. That’s why all our solutions are bilingual to meet the needs of all your employees.

Moreover, the CEO and founder and his associates at Folks are all human resources professionals.

Folks offers solutions designed by HR pros, for HR pros!

As a small business focused on human resources, we identify with our clients’ businesses and can provide them with a service that is truly tailored to our shared reality!

Features made to meet your specific needs

We aim develop features that you won’t find anywhere else to cover all your needs! You are sure to comply with different provinces’ requirements with our adapted software. If you have employees located in Quebec, our specific features are here to help you avoid any mishaps.

Moreover, our employee performance management software offerts entirely customizable and powerful features at the best possible price.

Choosing Folks is the best way to ensure that your business needs are met on a daily basis!

User-friendly solutions for all industries

With Folks, simplicity and efficiency go hand in hand! Our solutions are designed to be easy to use and adapted to all professional sectors. We develop user-friendly tools for SMBs, but also for NPOs, the construction sector, professional services firms, and manufacturing and engineering companies. You’re sure to find what you’re looking for in our comprehensive and intuitive solutions!

Not an HR or tech professional? Don’t worry: user friendliness is our top priority. From employee self-service to administrative requests that are just a few clicks away, Folks’ user-friendly solutions will undoubtedly make your life easier!

Comprehensive integration possibilities to increase productivity

We are driven by the idea of building partnerships that make sense both for Folks and our clients. Our goal is to offer integrations that best meet all your needs. We offer integrations with your payroll, time tracking, group insurance, and much more! Feel free to check our partners page: we have numerous integration solutions that can improve your productivity!

Our products are continuously improving

Having a team of HR enthusiasts allows us to create stronger links with our collaborators and clients! We are always ready to listen to your opinions and comments, both during the free demonstration meeting and throughout our collaboration. Do you have questions, struggles, or ideas for improvement? Let us know what you think: we’d love to discuss it with you!

Personalized and efficient support

We believe that our values set us apart from all our competitors. We love to work with pleasure, excellence and authenticity, and we want these qualities to be reflected in our relationship with our clients. We’ll say it like it is: we have the best support team!

The numbers don’t lie: in 2021, 98% of our customers indicated that they were extremely satisfied with our support services. Our technical support is free and personalized, and we go above and beyond to answer your questions and solve your problems quickly and efficiently. 

By staying close to our customers’ realities, we build meaningful relationships that drive us to excellency!

Why choose Folks?

Choosing Folks means benefiting from:

  • Affordable rates adapted to your budget
  • A 100% Canadian HR solution
  • Powerful tools tailored to your industry
  • Integration with your other tools
  • No additional costs or unpleasant surprises
  • A top-tier technical support
  • Support throughout all the implementation stages
  • A growing HR community

Do you want to discover our solutions and their numerous benefits for your organization?

We look forward to meeting you :

Request your free demo today

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