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A Canadian HR Software Company

Folks provides SMBs with powerful HR software solutions adapted to their financial reality. Beyond being a software rooted in your culture, Folks is a dynamic partner that cares about your business’s success. We become a part of the family, helping you reach your goals and having fun along the way. That’s your kind of HR!

Your kind of HR

Our core values

Rooted in our culture

Guiding our business strategy, our values are rooted in our culture. We work hard to provide you with powerful, easy-to-use HR software solutions and go the extra mile to forge more authentic business relationships and a memorable customer experience.
Our philosophy? Perform well and have fun doing it.

Our story


A simple idea

The idea of creating affordable HR management solutions for small and medium-sized businesses came to Sylvain in the summer of 2009. Using nothing but Excel, he began developing a program that would eventually become Manage With Success.


Start of development

Sylvain began developing the software in January of 2010. Eighteen months later, Manage With Success was ready to launch.


First customer!

In the summer of 2011, Manage With Success signed its very first client!


An interesting offer

A major Quebec company made an offer to purchase Manage With Success, which brings Sylvain back to Quebec from Ontario… after a lot of thought, he decided to decline the offer.


First employees

In 2015, Sylvain hired the first two Manage With Success employees in Quebec, Jean-Simon and Michael—they’re still part of the team today!


Manage With Success becomes Allié RH

Following numerous discussions and several partnership proposals, Manage With Success adopted its French-language name and became Allié RH in Quebec.


The team continues to grow

New employees joined the adventure to support the growing company, which now had more than 250 clients!


10 years of passion

In February of 2020, Manage With Success celebrated its 10th anniversary. Ten years of passion, challenges, and consistent growth filled Sylvain and the entire team with pride!


Manage With Success becomes Folks

It goes without saying that 2020 hasn’t been an easy year! Our team has worked around the clock to bring Folks to life. Their hard work paid off—our inclusive brand is today a community businesses are proud to be a part of!


Recent News

Folks Announces $4.5M in Funding to Optimize Its HR Solution

Folks, a Canadian technology company specializing in human resources management for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in Canada, is proud to announce major funding of $4.5 million from Desjardins Capital and BDC Capital.

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