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Automate new hires' onboarding

Employee onboarding is a key factor in your company’s human resources management, and a critical moment for long-term employee retention.

Yet, despite the extent of these challenges, the onboarding journey is often managed manually, through numerous paper forms. Manual processes weigh on the entire company’s management and on hire retention.

Discover our modern employee onboarding solution and the benefits of a paperless onboarding process to improve new employee experience from the very first day!

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Save time and improve your onboarding process

Hiring and onboarding processes can become organizational nightmares. The mandatory steps are numerous, repetitive and time-consuming and might undermine employee engagement.

Our all-in-one HR software will take care of the administrative part of onboarding for you. In addition to saving precious time daily, you will no longer have to dread the extra workload and possible oversights in the onboarding program.

Start improving your onboarding process for new hires with user-friendly with customizable features today!

Create a great experience for your new hires!

All you have to worry about is making sure that your incoming employees benefit from a memorable onboarding experience and get a sense of your company culture. Our complete solutions will do the heavy lifting.

You will now have the time to be present throughout the hire onboarding process and create an engaging onboarding experience.

In addition, our centralized onboarding platform is perfect for your remote employees. Our employee onboarding solution will be your most precious ally for setting up effective onboarding practices for remote employees that are adapted to your entire company!

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« There is a hiring crisis currently and with high turnover rates, onboarding new employees is time-consuming. Implementing automated workflows and optimizing onboarding tasks is something that Folks can help with. »

Joelle Bouchard, HR Manager

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Powerful automation features

Folks HR employee onboarding software offers automation features with an intuitive interface.

You’ll be able to set up and assign the steps that need to be completed in just a few clicks, and build personalized onboarding plans depending on the specific new hire position. This will ensure that the employee onboarding process is completed on time and supports a memorable experience. In addition, all reminders throughout the onboarding program are automated on the HR dashboard!

Streamline your processes to onboard new team members

Our all-in-one platform is designed to save you from repetitive tasks. If administrative tasks weigh you down daily, and if you want to spend more time on the strategic approach of hiring and onboarding management, Folks HR’s key features are made for you.

Our automation features will not only help you make a smooth digital transition, it will also lighten your workload, save you precious time, and allow you to focus on what really matters: your business mission and strategy.

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Choose Folks HR for an interactive onboarding workflow!

The onboarding journey is a crucial time during which you must prove to your new employees that they have made the best decision by joining your company. Automating your entire hiring process with Folks means benefiting from:


  • Affordable pricing for powerful onboarding functionality;
  • Customizable onboarding tasks checklists and templates;
  • Automated reminders to managers and supervisors;
  •  Better new hire and employee experience;
  • Employee profiles with self-service features.


Choose Folks HR today to improve your entire employee onboarding process!

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A powerful, comprehensive employee onboarding solution to optimize your processes