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Your employee data is valuable

Employee data needs to be organized and stored efficiently to ensure the smooth operation of your human resources management.

An employee database management system is key to relieving the HR department from time-consuming and repetitive tasks so they can focus on strategic decisions. With the expansion of remote work and the digitization of organizational practices, these technological tools are a must-have for Canadian business owners and employees alike.

Employee profiles are valuable, and so is your time: Folks HR centralizes staff information and offers HR management tools to optimize your processes while ensuring data security

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    Employee records with easy and flexible access

    By centralizing all of your employee records on a single platform, you’ll enjoy easy access to all the information you need. Accessing your files in a few clicks, anywhere you want and from any device, means more flexibility and efficiency in your daily work. 

    Folks HR provides comprehensive and powerful HR employee management features. Update your organization chart in real-time and centralize your customizable employee profiles and employee directory to save time on a daily basis. In addition, access to records is configurable to ensure data confidentiality!

    Robust employee self-service portal

    Have you ever dreamed of being able to assign records updates to employees themselves? With Folks, your workforce has access to their personal information at all times and is able to edit their profiles if needed. No more email exchanges for each small change or update! Attachments and comments or details can be added directly to employee records.

     In addition, employees can manage their timesheets and access information on their performance reviews on their intuitive HR software dashboard!

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    Say goodbye to paper files, embrace transparency!

    Paper archives are far from reliable: besides taking up a considerable amount of space, these files have a significant environmental footprint. They are also sources of data loss (time wasted looking for specific files, loose sheets of paper that are misplaced or mistakenly thrown away…). 

    Using a paperless employee database ensures an efficient management process. Avoid errors and double entries and be transparent by giving your employees unlimited access to their personal information. Your managers and employees alike will love this modern process!

    Folks supports your smooth digital transformation

    Digitizing your human resources management process is essential to adapt to the ever-evolving working world and newer hybrid and remote teams.

    Folks supports your digital transformation with flexible and efficient employee management software! Your employees will enjoy using our user-friendly technology platform that provides core HR features and seamless integration. 

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    What are you waiting for to discover our powerful platform and its key employee management features? Empower your employees and improve their well-being with our employee database management software, all the while reducing your administrative burden and improving your daily workflow.

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