9 Benefits of HR and Payroll Software Integration

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Morgane Lança
May 8 2023

You are currently reviewing an employee’s payroll, but you have to check their timesheets on a different software. You also need to verify their PTO bank and personal profile to make sure that everything is in order, once again switching tools to do so. Sounds familiar?

In an increasingly digital professional world, these energy and time-consuming situations can – and should – be avoided at all costs. In that sense, seamless software integration is an essential asset for your company, especially when it comes to payroll and HR integration. Here is why!

Short Explanation of Software Integration

Software integration is the connection and synchronization between different corporate solutions. Most of the time, these integrations relate to workforce management tools and facilitate the centralization of employee information to avoid errors and save time on a daily basis.

HR and payroll integration is especially important, as it enables companies to automatically calculate and process payroll through connection with time and attendance tracking solutions, PTO banks, and employee profiles.

Benefits of Payroll and HR Software Integration

1) Saving Time and Energy

The most obvious benefit of integrating cloud-based payroll and HR software is the time and energy you save on a daily basis. Automating manual tasks means that your employees spend less time looking for information and can focus on more strategic projects. Centralized information also helps you spend less time working on data management, maintenance and optimization.

These time-savings are highlighted by Valérie Rancourt-Grenier, HR and Marketing Vice President at LG Cloutier Group, who says that Folks HR has helped them save 8 hours per week on payroll.

2) Avoiding Duplicate Files

Working with disparate systems means that you need to duplicate files in multiple software solutions, thus multiplying the IDs and passwords you have to remember, and increasing risks of data loss and security breaches. And that’s not mentioning the amount of paper files and the administrative nightmare that comes with it!

Considering that these duplicate files only increase every time your company grows and you hire new employees, now is the time to consider HR and payroll software integration for your organization.

3) Automating Administrative Tasks and Processes

Administrative tasks rarely have a good time-to-value ratio. Plus, let’s face it: most of the time, they are energy and time-consuming, and incredibly boring.

Nowadays, retrieving information from your HR software timesheets for every single payroll you then run on your payroll system is a waste of time and resources you can easily avoid.

Indeed, by dematerializing and centralizing HR information with an integrated HR payroll system, you also automate your administrative processes, resulting in higher productivity, increased efficiency, and happier employees.

4) Preventing Human Errors

Multiplying data entries means increased risks of human errors and omissions. Excel files simply won’t cut it: if you accidentally skipped a cell, you will spend hours noticing and looking for the error.

The automation and centralization provided by HR and payroll software integration will prevent such mistakes and streamline your entire process. Human errors are frustrating for managers and employees alike: that is reason enough to implement HR and payroll software integration in your company!

5) Retrieving Valuable Data

Valuable data at the tip of your fingers, available in a few clicks: that is what investing in HR software can provide you and your company with. With integrated HR and payroll solutions, you can quickly retrieve information and visualize overtime, employees’ salaries compared to their performance indicators, and much more!

6) Increasing Security

We previously mentioned duplicate data and the multiple entries, IDs and passwords that come with it. With outdated systems comes a risk of writing passwords on sticky notes or Word documents, and an increased chance of security breaches.

Fortunately, by investing in integrated software tools, you can take the time to ensure that the solutions you choose are up to your safety expectations. Moreover, your employees will spend less time learning how to use the system in an efficient, secure fashion.

7) Optimizing Efficiency and Productivity

What do all the previous benefits we mentioned above have in common? They all tremendously increase your daily productivity and efficiency. Easily retrieving valuable data strengthens your business strategies. Process automation saves you time and energy that you can use to reach your company goals. Data security gives you the peace of mind your organization needs to thrive.

Software integration is undoubtedly a key asset for your success, and HR and payroll integration should be at the top of your priority list!

8) Improving Employee Experience

All the benefits we previously mentioned allow you to get more time to focus on HR strategies such as employee engagement and wellbeing plans.

In addition to your ability to focus on what matters most, process automation provides employee self-service. With this feature comes data transparency. Moreover, your employees can access and update their personal information without having to contact their manager or the HR department. The icing on the cake: they will be able to do so on a single system, optimizing user-friendliness and employee experience at the same time.

9) Creating a Digital Ecosystem

Software integration is the most important step in your digital transformation strategy. In an increasingly digital world, business owners and customers alike are not only looking to implement technological tools: they expect to work with a comprehensive digital ecosystem to get the most out of their various software solutions.

Integrating HR and payroll on a centralized workforce information platform will ensure that your digital transformation goes smoothly and truly supports your business growth. All the more reason to choose our Canadian HRIS and the numerous integrations it offers to streamline your HR management and help you reach your business goals!

There is no doubt that software integration will contribute to your company’s success. With Folks HR, you will benefit from numerous integration possibilities while enjoying affordable and powerful HR solutions tailored to your needs! Click here to discover our partners and find out more about our integration offers.

Do you want to create a digital HR ecosystem to reach your business goals?

Folks HR is an affordable and powerful HRIS made by an SMB, for SMBs!


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