How to Convince Your Boss You Need an HRIS

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Morgane Lança
January 25 2022

Are you perceiving issues with the organization of HR administrative tasks in your company but don’t know how to fix them? Dematerializing your processes through the implementation of an HRIS could be a lifesaver for your comapny. However, it’s not always easy to convince your management to invest in HR software for SMBs to achieve your business goals.

Here is a list of all the advantages of using human resources management software daily, and helpful tips to convince your boss to implement HR tech in your company!

How to Present the HRIS Implementation Project to Your Boss?

A good HRIS implementation plan always starts with an effective project presentation. Indeed, it is essential that your organization’s stakeholders are convinced of the importance of the whole process.

Here are the essential steps to ensure the success of your implementation project!

1) Present Highlights and Statistics

To effectively convince your boss to implement an HRIS software in your company, it is essential to use concrete examples and key figures. Don’t hesitate to use case studies as a basis for your arguments! For instance, we have a HRIS case study illustrating the savings made by an SMB following the implementation of an HR software. It will undoubtedly be helpful for your project presentation!

Statistics are also crucial when presenting your HRIS implementation project to management. Here are some key figures from a survey on HR software selection in businesses. The reasons given for organizations looking to include HR technology in their practices are as follows:

  • Increase efficiency (26.2%)
  • Operate more efficiently (21.7%)
  • Support business growth (16.4%)
  • Consolidate fragmented systems (14%)

By presenting concrete studies and key figures, you will be sure to build a solid and convincing implementation project!

2) Insist on Long-term Savings

The financial aspect is of course an important point in convincing your management to integrate an HRIS in the company. Don’t hesitate to point out that the benefits of HR software for an organization far outweigh the expenses related to its implementation.

The long-term costs are far more profitable than assigning this administrative burden to one or more employees (which would lead to a risk of overwork and discouragement, or even higher turnover rates) or recruiting and hiring an employee to perform these repetitive tasks. This process would be costly and time-consuming for the entire company.

As you can see, implementing an HRIS is a win-win situation!

3) Emphasize Employee Well-being

Using HR tech will reduce the burden of repetitive administrative tasks for many employees, who will be happier at work as a result. In addition, managing your own administrative procedures saves you precious time every day (PTO and absence management, for example).

It’s a fact: repetitive tasks are one of the main reasons for employee resignations. 33% of employees quit their jobs because they are bored!

Don’t forget to emphasize the importance of employee well-being, which is optimized following the implementation of an HRIS, and highlight the resulting increase in productivity! 

4) Talk About the Current Context

The way we work has recently evolved, and our habits have been disrupted by numerous organizational changes. In 2021, 32% of Canadian employees aged 15 to 69 worked most of their hours from home.

You probably have employees who work remotely or in hybrid mode, and you have to deal with constraints related to the pandemic. Similarly, the growing demand of employees for flexibility at work is a key challenge to ensure the well-being of your workforce and employee retention over the long term.

Digitizing your HR processes has become an obvious choice in today’s work environment. Talk to your management and insist on the importance of dematerialization to adapt to new contexts of remote work and jobseekers’ expectations.

In recent years, HR technological tools have become a must for the overall health of a company. Make sure that your boss understands this and convince them to make the right choice!

What Are the Concrete Benefits of an HRIS for Your Company?

To conclude your implementation project presentation, it is essential to highlight the concrete advantages that HR software features will provide. Here is our list of the most convincing arguments to make a strong impression on your management!

1) Optimization of HR Management

It is well known that HR tech is essential for companies that want to optimize their HR management processes.

Indeed, their features provide better tracking of the workforce, thanks to skill and talent management and the employee file database. Creating and collecting employee data has never been so easy and secure! A great selling point to highlight when presenting your project to your boss.

2) Time and Money Savings

This management optimization also provides considerable time savings: the HR department and all of the organization’s employees will have much more time to devote to key tasks. They will no longer be stagnating on repetitive and time-consuming administrative processes:

Folks HR saved us about 8 hours a week just to run a payroll.”

Valerie Rancourt-Grenier, Vice President of Human Resources and Marketing, LG Cloutier Group

Indeed, timesheets, among other key features offered by our Canadian HRIS, are crucial tools for payroll management and save you precious time daily. With 8 hours saved per week on payroll alone, you will be sure to have the time you need to reach your business objectives!

Moreover, even if an HRIS represents a financial investment that may discourage your management at first glance, implementing an HR software will save you money in the long run. On the one hand, your employees will be able to focus on their role and will therefore be more productive. On the other hand, you won’t have to create positions and dedicate the time and cost to recruiting staff to handle administrative tasks that could easily be automated.

HR tech will therefore save you a lot of time and money daily!

3) Unlimited Access to Key Strategic Information

Implementing an HR management system also provides unlimited access to key information to build relevant and efficient strategies.

For example, you will be able to track the progress of individual employee performance, but also to analyze your retention and turnover rates over a given period of time. All of this allows for more personalized management of each employee and to set up detailed HR reports for management, ensuring the good organizational health of your company.

Want to know more about HR analytics and its growing importance for tomorrow’s organizations? Feel free to take a look at our article on strategic HR!

4) Unmatched Performance Management

Using HR technology solutions is a must-have for creating effective and modern performance management. Depending on your organizational context, you will be able to choose between standard, 180 or 360-degree performance evaluations, or the 3.0 evaluation method!

Folks HR also allows you to access individual employee performance reviews at any time for a comparative view over a given time period or to identify productivity or employee engagement issues. You can also add your comments and monthly goals directly on the platform to centralize performance information!

5) Easy Time-Tracking and PTO management, Even Remotely

Managing and tracking employee time can be complex, especially remotely. You need to use PTO management software solutions and the best time tracking software to stay on top of things and get the following benefits:

  • Daily or project-based timesheets;
  • Tracking of PTO days and overtime;
  • PTO requests and validation in a few clicks;
  • And much more!

The benefits of implementing an HRIS in your organization are numerous. Therefore, they are worth being presented to your management to finally choose a human resources management software to support your organizational growth. By emphasizing all the advantages detailed in this article and underlining statistics and case studies during your project presentation, you will ensure that your boss appreciates the added value of an HRIS implementation within your company.

Do you need our help to convince your boss?

We can talk hockey game scores and how to grow the business. 😉


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