5 Key Features of an HRMS

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Morgane Lança
December 16 2021

You probably already know what HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems) are and the critical role they have for companies that want to dematerialize their processes to gain organizational efficiency.

However, you would like to know more about the most important features they offer and understand the benefits they can have on your daily management.

Here is a detailed list of the 5 key features of an HRMS that are a must-have for your company.

1) Absence and Time-Off Management

Manual absence management is more than often an organizational nightmare. Double data entries, repetitive administrative tasks, manual calculations and time wasted answering countless questions about leave balances and time banks… These factors lead to human error and weariness for managers and employees alike.

Moreover, when you consider that absenteeism has dramatically increased with the COVID-19 pandemic, it quickly becomes apparent that HR technology is an essential tool for managing employee absences.

You guessed it: this essential management tool is none other than the HRMS! This software frees you from the administrative burden of managing employee leaves and absences with user-friendly, powerful features.

Employee Self-Service Portal

With Folks HR’s absence management software, your employees will be able to access their calendar to create their own absence requests. In addition, information about their leave balances and overtime hours will be centralized on a single platform so they can quickly identify the days they have left for the year.

Your employees will appreciate this autonomy and enjoy creating their own requests without asking their manager for permission at every step. Employees whose daily lives are made easier are happy employees!

Quick and Easy Validation Process

Time management features significantly facilitate managers’ daily lives! With Folks HR’s human resource management system, the verification and validation process becomes child’s play. Managers automatically receive an email informing them of the request to be consulted and can access it in a few clicks. Employees receive direct notification when their request is accepted.

The request and its validation are completed in a couple of minutes, and everyone saves time and visibility on the vacation planning of all teams!

Vacation Schedule to Avoid Conflicts

Digital calendars help you avoid conflicts in vacation planning and the resulting complications. Efficient schedule coordination also allows for better team synergy, and everyone will finally be able to plan their vacations without risking misunderstandings or unpleasant surprises!

Types of Leaves and Reasons for Absences

For more visibility on time management in your company, Folks HR’s time and attendance module allows you to add comments on each of your absences. This feature will be useful to detail the reasons for absences throughout the year, allowing you to identify absenteeism issues at the same time.

Similarly, your employees will be able to keep track of all their leaves and absences (types of leaves, reasons for absences, number of days taken) for even more transparency on their remaining balance.

Your employee absence management will be simplified in every way!

2) Onboarding and Offboarding

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a hundred times: giving new employees a proper welcome is crucial. A good onboarding and integration process is necessary to ensure your employees’ well-being and productivity from the get-go and improve their retention over the long term.

To showcase your organization’s values and create a sense of belonging among your new employees, it is essential to realize that onboarding is not a one-day event. Instead, it is a long process that can be difficult to manage without the appropriate tools.

If you manage onboarding all on your own, without any extra help, and using sticky notes as your only reminders, chances are that your new employees will not be very impressed. Don’t panic: Folks HR’s onboarding features are here to help you!

Assign Tasks and Stick to Your Schedule

An HRMS lets you assign onboarding tasks to various people. They are notified in real-time and informed of the due date for the given task. In addition, you can define a schedule for the different onboarding steps in just a few clicks, thus avoiding discouraging administrative delays for the newcomer and ensuring that you always build effective onboarding and integration plans.

Automated Reminders to Gain Precious Time

Tired of chasing down all the administrative information you need during an employee’s onboarding? You can say goodbye to follow-up emails: with your HRMS, all reminders will be automated to give you peace of mind.

Focus on what truly matters and warmly welcome your new employees: your HR software will take care of the rest.

Adapt to Remote Workforce Needs

Many of us had to get used to full-time remote work during the pandemic. At the same time, new hybrid and remote work models are emerging. You may already be working with a remote workforce, and it’s not always easy to adapt your management practices to these new professional realities.

Fortunately, your onboarding features will provide a memorable onboarding experience for all your teams, including remote ones! It is increasingly essential to digitize your onboarding processes to ensure that no one feels left behind.

Let’s Not Forget Offboarding!

Exit process management is unfortunately often overlooked. However, it is important to make a good impression on your employees throughout your shared journey, right up to their last day in your organization. This will help you maintain a good employer brand and better understand the reasons for the departure, if voluntary, to improve your recruitment and retention strategies in the future.

Once again, your HRMS is on the job! Your offboarding tasks can be assigned directly on your platform, and reminders are automated for a smooth and efficient process.

Enjoy powerful features that accompany your employees throughout their lifecycle, from the day they arrive to the day they leave.

3) Employee Training Management

Skills management and ongoing staff training are essential factors in retaining your employees. New generations of workers are particularly interested in acquiring new skills in their professional life. An employee who is no longer learning and is stagnant in their work will often feel discouraged.

Yet, it is complicated to manage the training of your entire workforce and ensure their individual growth over time. Fortunately, career management features allow you to effectively monitor the development of your employees’ skills in just a few clicks.

Dematerialized Certificate Management

Do you have certifications to renew but are overwhelmed with work? Can’t find the relevant information on an employee’s skills certificates? Paperless certificate management offers automated reminders when certificates need to be updated.

Set Objectives that Align With Your Business Goals

Goal management is important to keep your employees engaged and happy. With dedicated HR software features, you can effectively track your workforce’s progress and discuss the achievement of their previously defined goals.

4) Performance Reviews

Traditional performance reviews are often criticized, and for good reason: employee performance management needs to be modernized with performance review software to remain efficient. By dematerializing your processes, you will take a big step towards optimizing your evaluation practices.

An effective appraisal process is a valuable asset: in addition to being a vehicle for analyzing individual performance, it allows for the implementation of new objectives and to engage in a constructive dialogue on the employee’s and the manager’s feelings, their future projects and their ideas for improvement. It is also a good time to express recognition and measure employee satisfaction.

The Choice is Yours: Different Evaluations Methods Depending on Your Context

You can choose between different performance evaluation methods (standard, 180 and 360 degree, 3.0 method…) so that every company can use the method that suits them best! A flexible HRMS adapts to your organizational context to always provide the most effective performance management features available on the market.

Performance Analysis at a Glance

You can obtain a detailed analysis of employee performance at a glance, as the relevant information can be accessed by the manager and the employee at any time. Even better: evaluation recaps and set objectives will always be accessible. This way, both managers and employees are involved in the performance management process.

5) Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are an essential component of HR analytics.

Showcasing various HR metrics in your organization, they provide valuable statistics for building relevant action plans. Being able to analyze your company’s global health at a glance and make strategic decisions accordingly is a major organizational asset.

Despite these clear advantages, it is extremely challenging to calculate KPIs by hand. So put down your pencil and calculator: your HRMS takes care of the numbers so that you can focus on the strategic dimension of your role.

Obtain Actionable Insights to Build Your Business Plan

As a manager or HR professional, you most likely have an idea of your organization’s overall situation. However, it’s not easy to share your feelings without having the facts to back them up.

Thanks to KPIs, you’ll get precise and actionable insights that will allow you to create  predictive HR reports. You can then use this precious data to benefit your employees by building a relevant business strategy.

Improve All Aspects of HR Management

Your dashboards will give you a clear view of your overall management. By quickly identifying gaps in your business, you will also be able to act to optimize your processes before problems escalate. Correcting situations before they become problematic is the key to long-term organizational health.

Get a Comparative View Over Time

HRMS offer a comparative view of your KPIs to determine the effectiveness of your action plans over the long term. You will quickly know if your improvement plans are relevant or need to be adjusted. This analysis over a reference period will save you precious time in addition to guiding your HR strategies.

These key examples of Human Resource Information System features prove it: the digitization of human resources management processes is bound to spread. It also offers great prospects for managerial progress and organizational flexibility in the future.

Folks offers all these key features and benefits, and much more, including job applicant tracking software! The icing on the cake: our HR management software is affordable, adapted to the reality of SMBs, without compromising on the power and flexibility of our software solutions!

What are you waiting for? Discover the power of Folks HR in action!

Try out all these key features and many more:

Request your free demo today!


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