50 Employee Recognition Phrases You Should Use

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Morgane Lança
March 16 2023

Did you know that 44% of employees switch jobs because of a lack of recognition efforts from their employer and peers? Employee recognition programs should be your top priority for a positive company culture with high long-term retention rates.

Here are 50 employee recognition messages you should use to foster employee engagement and improve the employee experience in your organization!

Hard Work Recognition Phrases

Some working days are more complicated than others, and employees are the glue that holds the company together during tough times. Remember to praise hard-working employees with the following messages of appreciation:

1) Good job on completing this project on time, you’ve really carried a heavy workload. You really played a crucial role and we wanted to thank you for your hard work.

2) Thank you for your hard work, we hope you know you are a valuable asset to the company and your team!

3) We have noticed your incredible efforts and we couldn’t be more thankful. Take it easy the next few days: we’ve got your back!

4) Your dedication is a great support for us all, and makes daily work way more enjoyable. You get a gold star for giving it your all!

5) We know that you are 100% invested in your work. We love seeing it, and we are grateful for everything you do!

Outstanding Performance Phrases

Sometimes, an employee goes above and beyond their monthly goals and amazes the entire team. Their incredible performance should definitely be celebrated:

6) Wow, way to exceed our expectations. We can’t wait to see what’s next!

7) Thank you for your high-quality work and going the extra mile, we are lucky to have you!

8) You are definitely leading by example here. You make us want to reach for the stars! ⭐

9) We are proud of your achievements, and we hope you are too!

10) You never cease to amaze us. Congratulations for reaching the heights of success this month! 👏

Teamwork and Team Spirit Recognition Phrases

More often than not, reliable employees are great team players. You can promote a culture of appreciation in your company with the following employee recognition quotes:

11) Our team wouldn’t be the same without you: I hope you know that we all appreciate you!

12) You are the embodiment of the saying “teamwork makes the dream work”. Thank you for making dreams come true everyday! ✨

13) Thank you for being an efficient team player: your support and helpful attitude are greatly appreciated!

14) We are grateful to have a committed and enthusiastic player like you in the team!

15) You are always a kind presence and a helping hand for the team. Know that we are here for you too! 🤝

Daily Employee Appreciation Messages

At Folks, we think that daily kindness in the workplace will never be overrated. Gratitude should be expressed everyday: if you feel thankful, share frequent recognition with these examples of employee appreciation quotes:

16) I appreciate everything you do for the team on a daily basis.

17) You really helped a lot in making today a successful day.

18) Thanks for your help, I could not have done it without you.

19) You did a great job today, thank you for being so dedicated! 😄

20) I noticed your extra efforts today and I want to thank you for everything you do.

Employee Growth Recognition Phrases

Employee performance fluctuates, hence why you should share continuous, constructive feedback with your employees to support their growth. If you notice that they have managed to solve performance issues or overcome challenges, make sure you share your appreciation for employees!

21) I have noticed all the efforts you have made since our last meeting. Good job!

22) I can see that you have been working really hard to reach your goals. I hope you are proud of your accomplishments!

23) You have acted on my feedback the past few months and it really shows. Keep up the good work!

24) You’re always open to feedback and looking to learn and grow. Thanks for your A+ attitude! 🔝

25) I feel like I have seen you grow over the past few months. Congratulations on continuously improving and giving it your all!

Attitude and Behavior Appreciation Phrases

Personal recognition praising fantastic attitude never fails to increase employee engagement:

26) Your positive attitude makes all the difference in our daily work. Thank you for all you do!

27) We’re lucky to have you: you always manage to lift our spirits up and bring a smile to everyone around!

28) We are grateful for your kindness, helping hand and positive energy. It’s always a pleasure to work with you.

29) You always bring your best self to work every single day, and it shows!

30) You are the best coworker we could ever ask for. Thank you for being you!

Employee Appreciation Day Phrases

Although regular appreciation is key to improve your organizational culture, employee appreciation day is still a good opportunity to praise dedicated employees:

31) A day is not enough time to share our appreciation for everything you do!

32) Today is employee appreciation day, but we hope you can feel our gratefulness and admiration every single day!

33) Today more than ever, we want to thank you for your hard work, dedication and attitude. We are truly lucky to have you on the team.

34) As you know, it’s employee appreciation day: considering your spectacular work, don’t be surprised when you receive dozens of compliments today!

35) Employee appreciation day seems like the perfect time to remind you that we are happy to have on our team, and to know you as a person!

Work Anniversaries and Birthday Phrases

Highlighting milestones such as birthdays and workplace anniversaries would make any employee happy. Be sure to send them a nice employee appreciation message to celebrate this important day!

36) Today is a very special day: one of our favorite persons’ birthdays. Everyone, let’s celebrate by highlighting what we love about them! 🎉

37) Happy birthday, we are thankful for your existence and want to say thank you for being you! Here is a group card from your coworkers (spoiler alert: they definitely agree). 🎁

38) Today marks X years since you joined the company… Time flies by when you have great coworkers like yourself! 🥳

39) It’s official: you joined our team a year ago. How did we manage without you?! Here’s to many more years to come! 🍾

40) It feels like yesterday, but you’ve been on the journey for X years… Thank you for your dedication, talent and loyalty. We couldn’t be more thankful! 🙏

Appreciating the Little Things

As we have previously stated, an effective culture of recognition relies on regular and genuine appreciation. Moreover, recognition is not only based on annual performance, which is why you should appreciate the little things that make your employee unique:

41) Thank you for always being willing to ask questions and share insights during meetings. Your presence makes all the difference! 🤝

42) I noticed that you always keep the office kitchen clean and that you are always involved in making our working space cozy. Thank you so much; our office life would not be the same without you! 👏

43) Thank you for organizing this team building activity, it shows how involved and caring you are. You definitely brightened our day! ☀️

44) We love that you are always willing to participate in every company event and team building activity. It’s thanks to people like you that we feel like we are part of a big family!

45) You always have a kind word, a fun joke, or a great idea to share. People like you make the world go round and the workplace a safe space! 🤗

Departing Employees Recognition Phrases

Employee recognition programs are a long-term process and should cover the entire employee lifecycle. Departing employees also deserve praise for their contributions to your company!

Sending a nice farewell email to employees who are leaving is always a good idea. Here are some phrases you can include in your message:

46) We are sad to see you go, but with your skills and personality, we are sure that you will thrive in your future ventures! 🚀

47) We are rooting for you and wish you luck and happiness in the future. Thanks again for being an amazing coworker and a great asset to the company! 😄

48) Words cannot express our gratitude for everything you have done for the company, but we will try anyway: THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING! 🙏

49) We will greatly miss your unique personality and your hard work. Saying goodbye is difficult, so we will just part with a huge “thank you, we wish you the very best for the future!” 💛

50) We wouldn’t be as successful if it wasn’t for your hard work and dedication, so let’s say goodbye with a collective round of applause! 👏👏🎊

Employee recognition should be an everyday aspect of your workforce management. Showing gratitude not only creates a healthy working environment, but also increases employee happiness, productivity, and retention rates!

Do you need these employee recognition message examples on hand?

Here is a free template to use to your heart’s content!


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