30 Employee Onboarding Phrases You Should Use

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Morgane Lança
April 17 2023

Words have power, especially when it comes to making a good first impression! During their first days in their new company, new hires are gauging whether your company culture fits their expectations. Onboarding statistics show that 28% of recruits leave their jobs after the first six months, and that the cost of onboarding is around 4000$. Fortunately, effective communication can help you increase hire retention rates and avoid employee turnover and recruiting costs linked with poor onboarding experience.

Here are useful onboarding phrases sorted by onboarding phases, for your new office and remote workers!

Welcoming new hires on their first day

Preparing a warm welcome during the first days of your new hire onboarding is vital. In that sense, sending an employee welcome message is always a great idea, but oral and informal communication are also crucial. Here are perfect phrases you can use to build a trusting relationship from the get-go!

1) Welcome to the company! We can’t wait to work with you, but in the meantime, feel free to tell us if you need anything. We would all be glad to help.

2) Here are your teammates, whom you will get to know during our regular team meetings and company events. You will work closely with them in the coming days. I am sure you will all get along!

3) Here is the office kitchen that you can use whenever you like! You will also find the resting area where you can relax when you need to.

4) Before we take on the onboarding paperwork, I want to show you around so you can get an idea of what the office life looks like. I’m sure you’ll love it!

5) Here is the company’s organization chart, we will introduce you to everyone very soon. We also have scheduled remote onboarding activities later on in the day!

The goal here is to adopt a reassuring, enthusiastic and attentive attitude and demeanor to promote your corporate culture from the very first days. Indeed, the first exchanges set the tone for the rest of your communication throughout the onboarding process. Getting off to a good start will make all the difference in your employee experience!

Orienting and integrating the new employee

Helpful messages do not stop after the first week of onboarding! Becoming an integral part of a new company takes time, trust, and a supportive work environment built around healthy communication. During the orientation and integration stages, don’t forget to use these employee onboarding phrases:

6) Now that you know your way around here, I will detail everyone’s role in the team so that you know who to contact when you need to.

7) Don’t forget that you can ask for help or information whenever you need, whether it is to me, your mentor, or your team.

8) Feel free to ask your teammates about their positions and tasks. I encourage you to schedule meetings or take breaks together to get to know each other.

9) We have a team building activity scheduled this week, so feel free to discuss more in depth with your coworkers during this event!

10)  How do you feel about your first few days with us so far? If you have any questions or concerns, you can reach out to me any time.

At the orientation stage, you can already create employee engagement by using the right words. Multiplying team activities and informal meetings between colleagues is also a good practice to build strong and productive teams.

Training for the new role

Providing effective training to new employees will pave the way for their future success in your company. However, discovering a new organization, managing onboarding documents and learning the ropes of a new position can be a bit much. Therefore, building effective communication is essential at this point:

11) I know that it can be a bit much to discover new tools and tasks all at once. Rest assured, we will take all the time you need to cover all the steps.

12) These are examples of tasks and responsibilities you will work on. Of course, you don’t have to complete them all or do them all at once. Go at your own pace!

13) Training for a new position can be tiring, so don’t forget to take breaks and to watch informative videos to diversify your tasks during the day.

14) Your coworkers will help train you, and you can ask for help anytime. You can also tell us what you think of the training process and what you would like to focus on more.

15) What did you think of your training process? Do you think the training material and sessions were relevant? Did you have enough time to be properly trained?

16) Do you think that your onboarding training could have been better? If so, how?

New employee training must be supported by effective communication. In addition, asking questions about the training process will allow you to improve your practices in the future, while ensuring that they will be motivated and productive when they officially take up their positions.

Supporting the transition into the position

The day has finally come: your onboarding plan is completed and you feel like your new employee is ready to take on their new position. While you might be tempted to leave them to their own devices to encourage autonomy, you should remind them that they can reach out to you if they need help:

17) You will be working more autonomously in the coming days, so don’t forget to communicate with us if you feel lost and need support. We are here to help!

18) I hope you enjoyed your day! If you feel a bit overwhelmed, complete one task at a time, at your own pace.

19) I think you are adapting well to your new position. I am sure you will ace it in no time!

20) If you feel like your tasks and projects are a bit repetitive, feel free to ask us if we can change things up in your schedule.

21) Remember that my door is always open if you need to discuss your new position or your feelings about your first few months here.

22) We want to know how you feel and how we can improve your daily life here. How are your first days in the position going?

23) Is there anything you are struggling with? If so, we can definitely set up a training session whenever you need.

Your new employee needs to know that working independently does not mean working in isolation. Remind them of your unconditional support while continuing to survey them about their onboarding experience.

Encouraging ongoing development

Did you know that 78% of employees are ready to stay in their company if they are presented with career and growth opportunities during their onboarding? If you are looking to increase your employee retention rates, ongoing training and development strategies are your safest bet.

24) You have done a great job during your first months with us! If you feel like something needs to be further explored and requires more training, we’d be glad to help.

25) I see that you are frequently using this tool. If you think that you might learn more about its features to gain efficiency, we can schedule a training session.

26) Now that you are getting used to your daily tasks, feel free to explore new tools and possible projects, I’d love to consider new avenues with you!

27) This tool can be used in many different positions in the company, so feel free to ask your coworkers how they use it.

28) You are doing great in your new role! I hope you know that you will always be encouraged to learn and grow in the company, and we’re here to help you in that sense.

29) Now that you are properly settled in your position, what skill would you like to learn or improve?

30) We’re very happy to see you getting used to your tasks. How do you want to grow in your position and in the company in the future?

Your employee engagement strategies should start early in the employee onboarding process, and ongoing learning is a great asset to highlight as part of your corporate values. So be sure to communicate effectively on the matter!

You’re now officially ready to ensure a positive onboarding experience for all your new employees. Don’t forget that effective communication needs to be implemented throughout the entire employee lifecycle, and that recognition should be expressed on a regular basis! Fostering meaningful connections and empathy is the key to improving your company culture and creating a positive work environment.

Before you go, make sure to check out our comprehensive guide to employee onboarding to brush up on your practices!

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