Why You Should Consider an HRIS for Your Nonprofit

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Morgane Lança
March 2 2022

Nonprofits are all about people, and your workforce is your greatest asset in achieving your goals. However, human resources management often represents a major challenge for NPOs as it generates significant time and money expenses. What if an HR management software offered solutions to your biggest HR challenges? This article highlights all the reasons you should consider an HRIS (Human Resources Information System) for your nonprofit organization!

1) Optimize Your HR Processes with Technology

Save Huge Amounts of Time on Administrative Tasks

Many HR challenges specific to NPOs are solved by using an HRIS software. One of these challenges is the lack of time to spare for workforce management  and manual processes: your top priority is the progress of your mission. Therefore, human resources administration can be a daily burden.

Fortunately, a human resources management software allows you to delegate numerous time-consuming tasks (file management, data archiving, searching for and updating information, etc.), all the while reducing the risk of errors.

Automation and dematerialization will save you precious time daily: from the paperless onboarding process to employee files and employee performance assessment, you will benefit from automated reminders and customized access by manager and employee at all times. 

Save time and focus on what matters most to you by implementing an HRIS adapted to your NPO’s needs!

Optimize Your Budget with a Flexible HRIS

The idea of implementing an HRIS can represent a financial investment that might put you off at first.

However, by dematerializing the tasks related to human resources management in your organization, you avoid the cost of recruiting and paying an employee to handle administrative tasks that could easily be automated. In addition, some nonprofit HR software solutions are affordable and adapted to your financial reality.

Folks offers an HR solution that considers your NPO’s context: our prices are affordable and competitive. In addition, we offer evolving pricing based on your number of active employees while keeping data on your seasonal workforce at all times.

Our mission: to help you save money without compromising the quality of our features!

Reduce Your Turnover Rate with Career Management Features

New generations of workers want to progress and acquire new skills. 70% of employees say that their motivation to stay in the same job is influenced by training and professional development opportunities.

Effective training management is critical to reducing your turnover rates, which are exceptionally high in nonprofit organizations and costly to your limited budget.

Folks HR offers a comprehensive career management module to keep an eye on your employees throughout their career and provide them with fulfilling skills development opportunities. Similarly, the training management feature allows you to track your workforce’s certifications, with automated reminders when they need to be renewed.

Encouraging nonprofit employees to grow ensures their long-term well-being and productivity.

2) Evolve and Adapt: Digital Transformation in Nonprofits

The Importance of a Digital Shift for Your NPO

The current pandemic has demonstrated the need to digitize our processes to deal with organizational changes. As a result, digital transformation has become a mandatory shift for all organizations, and NPOs must also build a digital strategy to stay on course.

Since these organizational changes primarily impact your workforce, it is essential to prioritize the digitization of your HR processes. This way, remote workers will not feel left behind, and your entire staff will benefit from your digital strategy.

An HRIS is your best ally for the effective digital transformation of all your employee management processes! It will be a valuable tool to adapt to an ever-changing world of work and continue to overcome your challenges without ever losing time or performance.

Here are the best management tools for your NPO!

Spread the Word on Your Mission

An HRIS can also help you promote your organization’s image. It will help you attract new candidates, raise awareness and increase donations, all the while while improving your employer brand.

Indeed, an NPO using technological tools will be perceived as more modern and in tune with employees’ and jobseekers’ expectations. Your staff will also have more positive views to share about their experience with you.

In the long run, this will also allow your NPO to have better visibility on social networks. In addition, the digitization of your processes will let you use your time to make your mission known both to the public and to donors.

More Flexibility for Increased Employee Well-being and Performance

Using HR digital tools for nonprofits and performance management software in your daily processes will allow you to set up a flexible work environment in line with employees’ new expectations.

Thanks to their online platform, your staff will finally be able to complete their timesheets remotely and access and update their personal information at any time.

A flexible human resources management software that considers your workforce’s reality will provide you with the adaptability you need to face all situations and challenges!

3) Boost Your Retention Rate with an All-in-one Management Software

As you can see, digitization and appropriate technological tools such as a human resources management software are crucial for good employee engagement levels. Your HRIS will therefore become a precious ally in increasing your retention rate, thereby solving one of the main issues faced by NPOs!

This daily gain in time and flexibility will allow you to build a solid employer brand. This is essential to effectively recruit talent and, above all, to retain them over the long term.

Folks HR provides complete and personalized management of your employees to considerably improve their engagement and well-being!  For all your HR challenges, you can rely on Folks HR management software to provide you with a quick and relevant solution.

Are you facing recruitment challenges? Finding the right person can be costly and time-consuming. Fortunately, Folks offers an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) solution to boost your recruitment process! 

Your NPO has much to gain from an HRIS. Folks will help you with all your HR challenges to support your development and make your organization more flexible and attractive. If you have any questions about our numerous features or integration possibilities, feel free to contact one of our experts!

Want to find out what an HRIS can do for your NPO?

Discover Folks’ many features in action!


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