Top 5 Tools for Canadian Nonprofits in 2023

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Morgane Lança
December 3 2021

You work for a nonprofit organization, and you face organizational challenges daily. Your mission is your main priority, and you don’t have the time to deal with human resources management in your organization. Yet, it’s a given: good management practices are crucial to success.

To face this dilemma and reconcile the achievement of your objectives with simplified and efficient management of human resources, we have gathered the best software solutions for your NPO. These technological tools will help you solve your organizational challenges, and you will finally have the time to focus on what matters most to you: your mission!

Choose Tools that Fit Your Reality!

Several solutions consider nonprofit organizations’ realities in their specific features or pricing, therefore effectively supporting your project management.

Here is our list of the best software for nonprofits that you need to implement in your organization.

Learning Management Systems

Nonprofits must focus on ongoing staff training experiences! Your employees and volunteers have various profiles and skills. However, training management is both costly and time-consuming, almost impossible to handle without appropriate digital solutions.

Fortunately, LMS (Learning Management Systems) are powerful talent management solutions that take care of the digital training management within your organization.


Didacte is a training platform with flexible pricing, designed for human businesses and organizations. By centralizing your workforce training information on their dedicated platform, you avoid any risk of data loss while saving valuable time daily.

Didacte quickly adapts to your organization’s needs according to your context and growth. HR solutions that take your reality into account will be your best allies in the long run – choose an LMS that cares about your nonprofit!

Time and Attendance Software

Time management is not always a cakewalk, especially when you have so many other goals to reach.

Fortunately, HR tools are here to automate all processes linked with time management. Time and attendance software solutions even track hours and handle changes of shifts and replacements.


Evolia is a smart scheduling and time and attendance software that allows you to manage last-minute schedule changes in just a few clicks, but also to prepare your schedules months in advance so you can plan for the future. You can make any changes you wish quickly and easily track the costs linked to the creation of your schedules. In addition, your employees’ mobilization is optimized, which ensures that you take advantage of all your available workforce and gain organizational flexibility.

Evolia also adapts prices to nonprofit’s tight budgets with a preferential price per employee, allowing you to save money without compromising on the power of your digital solutions.

Payroll Software

As a nonprofit member, you have undoubtedly already faced problems concerning the management of your workforce’s payroll. Your employees’ work schedules are not always the same week after week and you often work with seasonal employees: this complexifies payroll management. If you’re tired of wasting time manually managing the payroll of your entire organization, there are solutions to dematerialize your processes efficiently.


Nethris offers a comprehensive, flexible and secure payroll software adapted to the reality of your remote workers. Your payroll software therefore can support your financial management and your digital transformation strategy.

In addition, Nethris helps you produce tax slips and save on additional expenses related to benefit and pay management.

Fundraising Platform for Charities

Fundraising platforms are valuable tools for nonprofits. They allow you to quickly and easily raise funds online. In addition to optimizing your fundraising campaigns, these platforms help you efficiently manage your donors and donations, and to diversify your sources of income. A must-have solution for your organization!

Donna Interactive Suite

The Donna Interactive Suite provides an easy-to-use fundraising platform that can be customized to your organization’s needs, saving you valuable time daily. With Donna, you can quickly and easily create an unlimited number of campaigns tailored to all your donors’ profiles. Your staff will no longer be discouraged by having to learn how to use a multitude of complex tools: with Donna, you will be able to make a real impact on your social mission.

If your staff and volunteers enjoy using a time-saving solution, they will also be more motivated and productive in their daily tasks. In addition, your new staff will quickly learn to master their fundraising tool, which will make your organization even more efficient and effective.

Using a tool developed for your organization’s reality will become the key to your success!

Human Resources Information System (HRIS)

To centralize your HR information on a single platform, your best ally is an HRIS (Human Resources Information System). It allows you to dematerialize processes such as onboarding new employees, absence and time-off management, self-access employee files, and much more!

Using a human resources management software helps you automate numerous administrative tasks and save you precious time daily. HR dashboard software also provides you with accurate records of your organizational health and shows the tasks you have left to complete.

Folks HR

Folks offers preferential pricing for a wide range of flexible HR solutions for nonprofit organizations. To make your life easier, we take into account your seasonal workforce in our features: they are always integrated into your system, and your pricing will evolve according to the number of your active employees. This way, you save money and time on human resources management, and you can access your employee information anywhere, at any time!

In addition, we ensure personal data confidentiality, and the implementation within your organization is fast and personalized.

With Folks, managing your workforce has never been easier. Focus on what really matters to you and we’ll take care of the rest!

To support your nonprofit organization in achieving your mission and goals, choose HR solutions that take your reality into account and offer you powerful features and affordable pricing.

These crucial tools will ensure the success of your nonprofit while optimizing your management processes. As a result, employee wellbeing will increase, which will make your organization more attractive.

Want to discover our features tailored to the reality of your NPO?

Try our flexible and affordable HRIS!


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