Employee Performance Evaluation Template

Free employee performance review template

Setting up an effective performance review process is not an easy feat, but doing so is essential to provide actionable feedback to employees. Of course, the meeting needs to focus on job performance, performance expectations, goal setting, continuous improvement and career development.

Our free employee performance evaluation template covers everything you need to improve your performance management process.

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    Why should you set up frequent performance reviews?

    There are many benefits to measuring team performance for managers, such as ensuring that organizational goals are met. It is also crucial to create a positive employee experience and offer employee growth opportunities.

    Performance appraisals can help you:

    • Measure individual performance and provide valuable insights
    • Improve employee experience
    • Encourage transparent communication throughout the entire organization
    • Defining current roles, job responsibilities and expectations
    • Highlight personal strengths and define a career path
    • Take concrete steps and find creative solutions to optimize productivity
    • Promote honest feedback and reach company goals

    Not bad, eh? Download our free employee performance review questions to get:

    • An annual employee review template
    • A 3 month/end of probation questionnaire that fits your 30-60-90 day plans
    • A structured professional development plan for your employees
    • Insights from HR Experts on how to create an effective review process
    • …and much more!

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    Using a powerful performance management software will help you save time, share constructive feedback, provide a comprehensive assessment of performance levels, and build the perfect performance improvement plan. With Folks HR, you can chose the method that best fits your company values, and you get customizable templates to support your performance management cycle!

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