Employee Performance
Review Template

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Employee performance reviews aren’t always easy, but they’re necessary if you want your employees—and, as a result, your organization—to grow. Conducted the proper way, i.e. taking into account the employee’s development, they are a key element in employee engagement.

Our free employee performance review template covers all the bases for a successful performance assessment.

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    Why use employee performance reviews?

    While it is necessary and beneficial for a manager to periodically evaluate his or her team to ensure the smooth functioning of the organization, the exercise is equally valuable to employees.

    Employee performance appraisal can help you:

    • Determine employee performance
    • Increase employee motivation
    • Encourage communication within the organization
    • Determine employee needs and expectations
    • Increase retention rate

    Not bad, eh? Download our free employee performance review template!

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    Performance Evaluation 3.0, a module available in Folks HR, comes from the Management Model 3.0, which aims to balance the relationship between managers and employees by including employees in the development of their career plans. Want to discover the Performance Evaluation Method 3.0?

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