Exit Interview Template

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Employees quit their job… It happens in every business, and when it does, it can be difficult for managers to know what to ask their departing employee. You want—need—real feedback in order to improve and increase employee retention. You also want to end things on a good note.

One thing is for sure: To conduct an effective exit interview, you need to ask the right questions.

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    Ask the right exit interview questions

    Exit interviews are important and beneficial for any employer. Positive feedback is good and negative feedback will help improve your organization.

    Now, how to get employees who are leaving to give you true and honest feedback? Well, it all starts with your attitude. Employees will pick up on the amount of care you display towards what they have to say. You also need to ask the right questions… And for this, you can use our exit interview template!

    Our template is free, available both in PDF and Google Docs format, and very easy to use. Download it now for free!

    Exit interview best practices

    Do you want to learn all about exit interview best practices? Master the art of asking the right exit interview questions, the right way!

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