Remote Work Essentials: Creating a Mobile Office

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Magdalena Sadowska
September 18 2023

Remote work is becoming increasingly popular. No surprise! It gives many possibilities and creates an outstanding opportunity for growth and exploration. However, it also brings challenges to deal with.

People tend to forget how hard it can be to stay organized and motivated when faced with so many distractions. What I found crucial to stay focused was to create the right environment and space for work. Otherwise, drawing the line between my professional and personal life would be impossible. And especially when you’re on the road!

In this article, I will explore ways to stay motivated and create a proactive environment to work while traveling.

What tools to choose when opting for mobility?

Well, it should not be a surprise if I tell you that on road trip workation, the space for your mobile office becomes too tiny to take your big iMac and the whole variety of other tools. A lightweight laptop or tablet would be the most appropriate option.

Also, evaluate mobile-friendly software and apps. It is essential to ensure that you can seamlessly continue your work on a smaller device. Prioritize applications that are optimized for mobile use and offer features that allow you to collaborate, communicate, and manage tasks efficiently on the go. Consider bringing along portable and ergonomic peripherals, such as a compact keyboard and mouse.

From my personal experience : don’t forget to pack noise-canceling headphones. I had many situations when they rescued my work while having to stay in a non-supportive environment. I remember this one time our car broke down, and I had no other option than to adapt to the place. If not for this device, it would be impossible to focus in a crowded café with many kids playing around. I highly recommend it!

Crafting an Efficient Workspace on the Go

You can easily find efficient heating and a hot water boiler on board each camper. However, electricity can be uncommon. You need to make sure you’ll be able to charge your laptop and other devices. Having just returned from my workation trip, I can wholeheartedly attest to the wonders of vehicular versatility. In our van, we installed a solar panel on the top of the vehicle, which did wonders!

But here’s the cherry atop this mobile haven – the freedom to adapt your interior at will (as long as you have the space for it). As I embarked on my remote work journey, I opted for practical furniture with lots of space. I also made a special table for my “office on wheels.” Finding versatile and compact furniture options proved to be a puzzle akin to curating a perfectly snug hideaway.

Another thing on the list is utilizing cable organizers. I didn’t think of this before the trip, but as I started to work in this tiny space, I quickly realized how important it was. The solution can be varied, depending on your space. In my case, a special drawer for all the cable chaos was good enough. No more entangled messes, just serene productivity.

Staying Connected Anywhere

Overcoming the apprehensions associated with remote work revolves around concerns about staying connected to the internet. How can one maintain online connectivity while on the move? When choosing a destination, reliable internet is one of the most essential digital nomads’ considerations.

WiFi Modem Solutions

A widely adopted solution is investing in a WiFi modem. For instance, I use a $45 router, and it has proven to be reliable. It can be powered by connecting it to a 12V car cigarette lighter or a standard 223V outlet. The modem has a slot where you can insert a SIM card from any carrier. It is a regular large-size SIM card. While the option to attach a signal-boosting antenna exists, it’s worth noting that the modem performs well without one. Opting for a 4G LTE modem is crucial, as it ensures a fast and reliable internet connection.

SIM Cards

Acquiring a SIM card from a local operator in each country is a fantastic option to secure internet access via the modem. Particularly in Europe, valuable insights into the best deals can be found at This comprehensive resource enlists offerings from all European operators and remains updated regularly. Visitors to the site can gather information about internet quality, card purchase locations, data package activation, and more.

Utilizing Public WiFi Networks

An alternative involves tapping into public WiFi networks available in cafes, restaurants, shopping malls, gas stations, and similar places. These venues offer complimentary WiFi access. An indispensable tool for locating such spots is the WiFi Map application (which is free). This app furnishes a map highlighting WiFi access points. Remarkably, the content is crowd-sourced, with users contributing new locations and promptly sharing access passwords or conducting speed tests. This functionality empowers users to assess download and upload speeds before venturing to a particular location.

Use a VPN for Security

VPNs are essential to safeguard internet connections. They use advanced technologies to ensure robust data encryption between devices and the VPN server.

Maintaining Professionalism on the Move

Working in a van is a great time, but make sure it’s also a blast for your clients or co-workers. The fact that you’re on the road doesn’t suddenly make it okay to show up for meetings in shabby clothes and without a proper background. It’s a good idea to think beforehand about where you’ll be joining the calls and ensure you have a professional setting.

Plus, keeping your van organized and tidy may sound funny, but it’s crucial for your performance. A cluttered workspace can reflect poorly on your professionalism and attention to detail. By upholding these standards, you can effectively balance the freedom of working on the move with the commitment to professionalism.

Final Thoughts

Embracing remote work while on the move offers immense opportunities for growth and exploration, but it comes with its challenges. Good planning and staying organized are the indicating factors for success in such a dynamic setting. By carefully curating your mobile office, leveraging practical furniture solutions, and employing technology, you can maintain professionalism while enjoying the freedom of remote work. So, will we see each other on the road?

Magdalena Sadowska, Community Manager of ePassportPhoto. With a background in psychology, she is fascinated by how people interact and create their reality. As a travel enthusiast, when given a choice of sea or mountains, she chooses both.

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