Folks and SAGE Group Insurance Announce Partnership

December 7 2021

Folks is proud to announce a partnership with SAGE Group Insurance and Retirement Savings Plans, a group insurance broker in Quebec and Canada since 1998. Folks becomes the HR technology partner of SAGE Group Insurance and Retirement Savings Plans, which will distribute Folks’ software to its clients.

SAGE Group Insurance and Retirement Savings Plans also offers an excellent consulting service in human resources management. This collaboration therefore makes sense for both organizations, which believe that the growth of companies is based on effective employee management and share a common mission to support businesses in this area. 

About Folks

Since 2010, Folks has been developing and distributing HR software solutions for SMBs that are as accessible as they are effective, and that are designed to adapt to the reality of the companies and managers who use it daily. Folks’ solutions include numerous features such as absence and vacation management, employee performance evaluation and a recruitment system. With more than 500 clients in Canada and around the world, Folks’ team stands out for its creativity, passion and desire to provide impactful software for SMBs.

About SAGE Group Insurance and Retirement Savings Plans

SAGE Group Insurance and Retirement Savings Plans specializes in group insurance, retirement plans and benefits and supports more than 1600 companies throughout Quebec and Canada. It also offers consulting services in many areas of expertise in human resources management. Responsive to the needs of companies and new market trends, SAGE Group Insurance and Retirement Savings Plans offers its clients an innovative approach and competitive pricing.

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