Employee Vacation and Time Off Management Made Easy

Catherine Maheux-Rochette
May 26 2021

With the arrival of summer comes your employees’ holidays… and all the management of vacation planning process! Employees send you their time off requests by email, dozens of forms start to accumulate on your desk and you don’t know where to start. It’s a fact that without an HR software for small or medium business in place, it can be quite difficult to keep track of everything, to answer all the requests and, most importantly, to do it efficiently. Employee paid-time off tracking matters and we want you to it with ease!

Employee holiday and time off (PTO) planning and tracking is a necessary chore, as all employers who care about the well-being of their employees agree: holidays are essential. They help prevent burnout, increase productivity and improve employee morale, to name just a few benefits.

Managing your employees' vacation time can be easier!

What if we told you that you don’t have to struggle with vacation management?

The advent of HR technologies for SMEs has made it possible to centralize information and optimize many HR processes, including absence and vacation management. It goes without saying that the use of an HRIS (Human Resources Information System) contributes to maximizing an organization’s potential, if only for the structure and productivity gains it brings.

Folks HR, A Time-Off Management Software

With the Absence Management module and Folks HR’s self-service, your employees can submit their vacation requests online. After receiving instant notification by email, you can review and approve them in just a few clicks! Vacation requests as well as any other time-off requests can be processed this way. For an overview, simply consult the calendar, to which vacations are automatically added following approval by the manager. 

The main advantage of Folks is flexibility. You can use Folks HR software for professional services firms as well as construction companies or nonprofit organizations.

See how simple it is for employees to request a vacation with Folks HR, request your free demo!

Our 3 Tips to Make your Life Even Easier

1. Establish rules (and write them down in your employee handbook)

Time off policies are important. During summer time, some weeks are more popular than others and many employees request the same days. How can you make sure you’re fair in this case? Set the rules ahead of time! Whether you’re granting vacation based on seniority or on a “first come, first served” basis, make sure your employees are aware of the rules. What about unused vacation time and federal holidays? Everything should be thought out and documented. Having a time off policy helps you avoid disappointment and conflict.

2. Be organized

Give your employees deadlines for leave requests. This is even more important if you grant vacation based on seniority. The earlier you start, the better you can plan for the absence of employees in key positions within your company, for example. We also recommend that you communicate the holiday schedule to your employees, who will also sometimes have to adjust during the absence of a colleague.

3. Make vacations mandatory (or strongly encourage them!)

Although the law does not allow an employer to replace vacations with a compensatory indemnity (except in a few specific cases), it is still common to observe this practice in companies.  It was mentioned earlier, but it is important to stress that vacations have enormous benefits for employees. They will come back to you invigorated, motivated and more productive! Not to mention the gratitude they will feel when they feel that their well-being is important to their employer. Do we need to remind you of this? A happy employee is a high performing employee! 

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Ready to make paid time off management way easier?

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