Roles and Importance of HR in Construction Companies

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Morgane Lança
July 13 2022

We’ve already covered the topic of HR challenges faced by construction companies – and presented solutions to overcome them. What about the concrete role of human resources in the industry? HR is all too often neglected in construction businesses, despite its critical importance to the day-to-day management of workers.

How can you revitalize and optimize HR strategies in construction? Here are our tips.

1) HR Roles in Construction Companies

HR is not only for office workers! Construction workers significantly need good day-to-day management to be motivated and productive. However, managing HR in the industry involves many unique challenges and responsibilities.

Project-Based Recruiting

Construction recruitment processes differ from other industries. Candidate profiles depend on the projects and skills required, limiting the talent pool’s size.

Therefore, the human resources department will need all the means necessary to improve their searches. So why not invest in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS), a software program dedicated to managing applications?

The Importance of Training

One of the main responsibilities of HR management in construction companies is to manage and track employee training. Indeed, the industry imposes many restrictions related to the different equipment to be handled and the required skills. Effectively training employees ensures their versatility and their productivity on various construction sites.

Benefits and Compensations

HR is also responsible for providing attractive compensation to employees and helping to build an effective occupational health policy. These aspects are particularly critical in the construction industry, where employee safety and health are paramount.

Safety and Compliance

Managing workplace injuries is a critical part of HR professionals in the construction industry. One of their responsibilities is to prevent these accidents by raising awareness and implementing safety rules to ensure the company’s smooth operation.

Employee Files

Ensuring safe processes and efficient training requires centralized HR information such as easily accessible and updatable employee files. Using Folks HR employee database software will help you retrieve information quickly and prevent delays in your workforce management, while streamlining all your HR processes.

2) The Importance of Placing HR at the Heart of Construction Projects

Construction is all about people. As proof, the number of construction workers is increasing in Canada. A large workforce means that effective employee management is a crucial challenge.

Let’s face it: the HR department must be closely involved in construction project management.

Ensure Safety and Regulatory Compliance

Putting HR at the center of your projects will ensure a safe working environment. The HR department will be responsible for educating workers on safety and compliance issues. In addition, accident management will be in the hands of the most competent department (with access to employee records and relevant indicators).

Build Effective Integration Plans

Worker productivity also depends on proper integration into a project team! Your HR department will be able to build an effective onboarding plan that will improve employee engagement.

Promote Ongoing Training

In addition to initial training during onboarding, the HR department will identify training needs throughout the employee’s life cycle. This will ensure smooth certification management and the successful completion of each project. The icing on the cake: development opportunities will increase employee motivation.

3) Best HR Strategies for Construction Businesses

Optimizing Recruitment Practices

The construction industry is not immune to the labor shortage in Canada. As a result, attracting qualified candidates is a significant challenge that can only be met by adopting best practices in recruitment:

  • Expand your search area: Posting your jobs on social networks will help you attract candidates. Plus, it’s a great way to get your company known by new generations of workers.
  • Highlight the benefits: The benefits offered to candidates make all the difference in choosing an employer. The salary has to be competitive, but other benefits (bonuses, health insurance, work environment…) should also be highlighted.

Construction workers are in high demand: it’s up to you to stand out and recruit the best talent!

Career Development Opportunities

Another benefit appreciated by both candidates and employees is professional development opportunities. Furthermore, an effective career management strategy requires close monitoring of employee performance and ongoing training.

Considering that recruiting qualified workers is a challenge, why not improve the skills of your current employees to overcome this problem? In addition, talent development will improve employee engagement!

Employee Retention Strategies

Employee retention is undoubtedly a hot topic in all professional sectors. It’s even more critical for construction companies, which depend on their workers to complete daily projects. Here are our tips for building a good retention strategy in your company:

  • Communicate transparently: Communication is key to identifying engagement issues and sources of dissatisfaction. Therefore, regular employee follow-up by HR is essential. We highly recommend effective performance management, implementation of employee engagement surveys, and organizational culture improvement.
  • Prioritize team spirit: Construction involves daily teamwork. Consider team-building activities and think about designating a sponsor for new hires. These strategies will facilitate the new employee integration and improve the work environment. Workers who feel comfortable in their teams will stay with you longer.

By placing human resources at the heart of your organizational concerns, you will effectively stand out from competitors. By doing so, you will attract the best candidates, increase your productivity, and ensure long-term employee engagement.

Folks develops efficient solutions for the construction industry!

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